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Benoît Montreuil

Benoît Montreuil

Operations and Decision Systems
Université Laval

Chair Title

NSERC/Bell/Cisco Industrial Research Chair in eBusiness Design

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


Senior Chairholder since 2004


The Chair's objectives are to make major contributions to research, teaching, and training and to investigate the best ways of designing and reinventing businesses to ensure their prosperity in the new, e-business-dominated economy. The Chair's activities involve designing, planning, and engineering business processes for ultra-fast connected environments, so that businesses can take advantage of the omnipresence of electronic technologies. The Chair aims to help senior business executives and their professional teams plan and evolve their businesses and their value-creation networks.

The Chair's strategic perspective, focused on business design, is the fundamental element that has motivated the three industry partners (Bell, Cisco and IBM) to participate in the Chair's development. These partners hope to add value to the development of sustainable business capabilities, both for their own organizations and for their clients and partners.

The Chair will integrate four types of research in a highly innovative fashion: applied research, empirical research, tools-oriented research, and basic research. It will innovate in particular through its platforms for global business simulations, immersive business simulations, and business piloting supported by connective technologies. These platforms are proving vitally important in the planning and execution of research projects in partnership with industry, and they promote the transfer of knowledge.

The Chairholder is an industrial engineer who has worked for more than 15 years in a Faculty of Management and can thus offer the holistic, multidisciplinary perspective that is essential for the accomplishment of the Chair's mission.


  • Bell Canada
  • Cisco Systems Canada Co.
  • IBM Canada Ltd.

Contact Information

Operations and Decision Systems
Université Laval
CIRRELT, Interuniversity Centre for Research on Business Networks, Logistics,and Transportation
Faculty of Management
Pavillon Palasis-Prince, bureau 2533
Québec, Québec
G1K 7P4

Tel.: 418-656-3124
Fax: 418-656-2624

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