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Abderrazak El Ouafi

Abderrazak El Ouafi

Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Engineering
Université du Québec à Rimouski

Chair Title

NSERC-UQAR Chair in Design Engineering

Chair Program

Chairs in Design Engineering Program


Senior Chairholder since 2006

Related Chair

Jean Brousseau


The mission of the NSERC-UQAR Chair in Design Engineering is to contribute significantly to the improvement of UQAR's ability to graduate competent design engineers capable of developing innovations, and introducing technological innovations in the private sector.

The Chair's action plan focusses on the implemention of innovative pedagogical approaches for improving the level and quality of teachning activities and the development of greater design engineering research capacity in support of innovation, and technological transfer and application of best design practices in the private sector. Through design project partnerships between students and industry groups, the Chair seeks to combine teaching and practice in design engineering to create a stimulating and professional learning environment centred on the development of products, processes and technologies tailored to the needs of the industry. This turns the design activities into a true incubator of technological innovations and top-notch designers.

During his first term, the Chair carried out structuring activities that had an impact on the various aspects of his mission. His outstanding accomplishments include placing greater importance on the design throughout the training by integrating design experiments of varying complexity levels and technological uncertainties; establishing a pedagogical environment favourable to the development of design expertise; and improving the structure for project oversight and liaison with industry. First-term accomplishments also include the creation of a co operative design engineering learning centre, a research laboratory and a team of competent and dedicated professionals.

The Chair's second term has been marked by consolidation and renewal. While continuing to complete the key measures taken at the undergraduate level during his first term, to assess their impact and to ensure that their effects endure, the Chair intends to implement new initiatives centred on developing highly qualified personnel specializing in design engineering, and developing research niches adapted to the technological challenges faced by the industry.

Since the position of NSERC-UQAR Chair in Design Engineering was established in 2006, the Chair has received the support of over 70 businesses and governmental and paragovernmental agencies. These partners take part in design projects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and support the Chair in his activities by giving him access to financial, human and physical resources and concrete projects. In return, the Chair's partners benefit directly from the Chair's resources and accomplishments (expertise, technological solutions and, above all, the students' and graduates' design skills).


  • Université du Québec à Rimouski
  • Service de recherche et d'expertise en transformation des produits forestiers
  • Corporation de soutien au développement technologique des PME
  • Conférence régionale des élues du Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • TELUS Québec Inc.
  • Premier Tech technologies Ltd./Premier Tech ltée
  • AXSUB Inc.
  • Centre technologique des résidus industriels
  • Carrefour des sciences et des technologies de l'Est du Québec
  • Technopole maritime du Québec (TMQ)

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Engineering
Université du Québec à Rimouski
300, allée des Ursulines
Rimouski, Québec
G5L 3A1

Tel.: 418-723-1986, ext. 1244
Fax: 418-724-1879

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