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André Fortin

André Fortin

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Université Laval

Chair Title

NSERC Research Chair in High Performance Scientific Computing

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


Senior Chairholder since 2006

Related Chair

José Urquiza


In phase I of the chair, the chair team opened the door for richer and more accurate discretizations on non-linear mechanics. The team also introduced tools for mesh adaptation to improve and further control accuracy. Now, the solution algorithms must be capable of handling strongly anisotropic meshes, which is not always the case, especially for frictional contact problems. The first part of phase I will focus on improving robustness and acceleration of solution algorithms.

High-performance scientific computing is central to phase II. The problems of three-dimensional non-linear mechanics result in very large systems that render direct solution methods obsolete. In reality, the resulting problems could number in the hundreds of thousands to millions of unknowns. Iterative methods are essential, but they are in no way user friendly. These methods should be able to fully exploit the parallel computer architectures, preferably distributed memory, that are cheaper and more likely to be found in the industry.

Phase III concerns the development of our calculation tool, MEF + +. This is a means to transfer knowledge, methodology and expertise gained to other applications or to generate new scientific collaborations in various fields. During phase I of the chair, MEF + + achieved stability, reliability and versatility comparable to the best commercially available product. MEF + + is now ideally suited for basic and industrial research purposes.

The chair team looks forward to continuing existing collaborations and developing new ones, thereby increasing the visibility and impact of our work. The results, algorithms and analyses produced in this Industrial Research Chair have been and continue to be published through the usual channels, including student theses, scientific journals and conferences. Some twenty publications of all kinds stem from phase I of the chair. Canadian industry and academia have direct access to it. The new knowledge generated is general in nature and may apply, for example, to the automotive and aerospace industries, which are two very important areas in Canada. These are potential benefits for Canadian industry.


  • Michelin Tire Corporation, France

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Université Laval
Alexandre Vachon Hall, Room 1448B
1045 Avenue de la Médecine
Québec, Québec
G1V 0A6

Tel.: 418-656-3489
Fax: 418-656-3404

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