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François Gagnon

François Gagnon

Department of Electrical Engineering
École de technologie supérieure

Chair Title

NSERC / Ultra Electronics TCS Industrial Research Chair in High Performance Wireless Emergency and Tactical Communications

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


Senior Chairholder since 2009


This Chair is focused on the creation of wireless technologies that will benefit first responders in emergencies. Our objective is to ensure effective wireless communications through a combination of spectrum sensing, spectrum allocation, relay positioning and secure modulation techniques.

Our partner, Ultra Electronics TCS, has successfully commercialized software-defined radios, and its latest generation product platform, ORION, is a user-centric, self-organizing heterogeneous network radio. It can simultaneously host multiple standards, such as Long-term Evolution (LTE), WiMAX, Wi-Fi and a broad range of military waveforms. This platform enables a full heterogeneous connected plane with adaptive connectivity and frequency topology. As part of the previous Chair term, we jointly developed techniques to enable efficient handover, scheduling, relaying and routing. For example, we mathematically demonstrated the optimal position of a relay and optimal OFDM power allocation with relaying.

In the present term of the Chair, we will address a number of new issues: How do we prove that the global system is converging to a state that is good, if not optimal? How can we demonstrate stability even in the presence of malicious, agile cognitive jammers that might collaborate with each other? How can we use the global distribution of radio awareness in a collaborative form to enhance functionality? New applications for the use of the ORION radio platform, such as ground-to-air and maritime communications, are also being explored. We will innovate to develop and publish new schemes and techniques that can be leveraged to deliver best-in-class products.


  • Ultra Electronics TCS

Contact Information

Department of Electrical Engineering
École de technologie supérieure


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