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Catherine Mavriplis

Catherine Mavriplis

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Ottawa

Chair Title

NSERC/Pratt and Whitney Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (Ontario)

Chair Program

Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering Program


Chairholder since 2011


The primary goal of the NSERC/Pratt and Whitney Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering (Ontario) is to address issues for the entire spectrum of women in these numerous and demanding fields from early interest in schools, through university studies and professional lives, in particular at the mid-career stage and on to leadership. The program will be comprehensive in its approach to advancing women in science and engineering (S&E) professions addressing:

  1. recruitment to the professions (through outreach at elementary and secondary schools and university-based programs to retain and attract more women in these fields and further develop their capabilities and motivations through active mentoring and role modelling);
  2. retention and advancement of those professionals already employed in S&E sectors (through career development activities for women S&E professionals at large and diversity awareness and career development activities for men and women within the sponsoring company); and
  3. the status of women and the S&E environment through a research program on Women in Aerospace and Globalization.

Catherine Mavriplis, PhD, PE is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Mavriplis has been a professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 1991, primarily at the George Washington University in the United States. She has also worked at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) in Mathematics and the University of Oklahoma in Meteorology. Her specialization is in Computational Fluid Dynamics and through application of her numerical modeling skills she has been involved in a number of interdisciplinary projects. She maintains a strong collaboration with several U.S. researchers and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. She currently serves as President of the Computational Fluid Dynamics Society of Canada. Dr. Mavriplis has worked under NSF funding to advance women since 1996, notably through the FORWARD to Professorship workshops under the NSF ADVANCE program, reaching up to 1,300 science and engineering doctoral women by 2013.

Pratt & Whitney Canada is teaming with the University of Ottawa on the Chair program based on their keen interest in promoting women in their organization and the community. Since 2007, in collaboration with the chairholder, the company has run a Women’s Leadership Initiative that works to clear the path for women to accede to leadership positions. The overall goal of diversity awareness for the company will be addressed by the Chair program.

The Chair program will also operate in collaboration with Queen’s University and the University of Toronto, and will recruit participants in industry, government and academia from across the province. The goal is to reach a large contingent of often isolated women students and professionals whose successes promoted by this program will serve to inspire new perspectives and opportunities for young people in Canadian society and our future.


  • Pratt and Whitney Canada Inc.

Contact Information

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Ottawa
161 Louis Pasteur
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5

Tel.: 613-562-5800, ext. 8961
Fax: 613-562-5177

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