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Ron Hofmann

Ron Hofmann

Department of Civil Engineering
University of Toronto

Chair Title

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Technologies for Drinking Water Treatment

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


Associate Chairholder since 2012

Related Chair

Robert Andrews


This NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Advanced and Emerging Technologies for Drinking Water Treatment is held by Robert Andrews (Senior Chairholder) and Ron Hofmann (Associate Chairholder) of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto. The research focuses on several important areas for the municipal drinking water sector:

  • new methods for addressing mussel infestation at plant intakes or within treatment infrastructure;
  • improvements to the use of granular activated carbon to remove microcontaminants such as taste- and odour-causing substances;
  • an alternative advanced oxidation process using ultraviolet light together with chlorine;
  • better methods to control biofiltration and to improve its performance;
  • strategies to reduce fouling of ultrafiltration membranes;
  • fluoresence techniques to characterize organic matter, to lead to better water treatment.

The research program involves the participation of eight industrial collaborators, most of which are municipal utilities that provide drinking water to over 5 million Canadians. This work will help to promote safer and more appealing drinking water for the public, at a lower cost and with greater process control.


  • York Region/Municipalité régionale de York, Ontario
  • Region of Peel/Municipalité régionale de Peel, Ontario
  • Region of Durham/Municipalité régionale de Durham, Ontario
  • City of Toronto/Ville de Toronto, Ontario
  • Peterborough Utilities Commission, Ontario
  • City of Barrie/Ville de Barrie, Ontario
  • Region of Halton/Municipalité régionale de Halton, Ontario
  • Lake Huron and Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System, Ontario
  • General Electric Company
  • Ontario Clean Water Agency/Agence ontarienne des eaux

Contact Information

Department of Civil Engineering
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario


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