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Pedram Mousavi

Pedram Mousavi

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta

Chair Title

NSERC-AITF Industrial Research Chair in Intelligent Integrated Sensors and Antennas

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


Associate Industrial Research Chairholder since 2013


Canada is one of the leading energy producing countries, and the oil-energy sector plays a critical role in its economy. Our country’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector is one of four industry sectors identified by Industry Canada as essential to accelerating the impact of innovation on Canada’s economy. The purpose of this program is to apply ICT innovations in the areas of intelligent integrated sensors and antennas to improve the productivity of the oil-energy sector and to sustain its growth.

Operational efficiency is the prime issue in exploration and production in oil fields. The lack of real-time knowledge of changing circumstances in the field causes delayed responses to situations such as equipment failure. This results in well downtime and possible reservoir damage. ICT can be used to resolve this issue, helping the energy industry operate more efficiently and safely, while reducing risks to individuals, the environment and equipment.

Our goal is to provide accurate sensing of critical situations and to connect sensors, people and machines in the field to a central location in order to pass vital information in real time in an integrated environment to improve the decision-making process. This approach involves various intelligent radar systems to monitor oil wells for smart reservoir management, liquid level measurement and material identification for oil transportation; intelligent antennas for cognitive wireless sensor networks for oil rigs; and advanced reconfigurable antenna systems for high-data-rate terrestrial and satellite communications from oil fields.

The proposed Chair program also includes supporting hardware development projects such as 3-D printing of electromagnetic structures including miniaturized RFID tags for metallic tools in the oil field. This multidisciplinary program helps to utilize the province of Alberta’s investment in nanotechnology and energy to grow ICT-related industries. The program will create an environment where highly qualified personnel (HQP) will be trained with combined knowledge in energy and ICT areas.

The program is supported by a variety of industries of different sizes and business types aiming to establish a representative stakeholder group to cover activities from reservoir operations to head office decision-makers. At one end of spectrum is Pason Systems, a global leader in data management systems for land-based and offshore oil rigs and Titan Logix, a leading Canadian company in instrumentation for fluid level measurements for oil transportation. At the other end is TELUS, with a significant interest in telecommunication equipment. This follows by ITS Electronics in satellite communication systems; Testforce and EMSCAN in measurement systems, Infochip in asset management and TRTech in commercialization of ICT technologies. Such a unique combination creates an inter-sector collaborative environment where needed wireless technologies can be investigated, developed and ultimately commercialized by the participating industry partners.


  • Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF)
  • ITS Electronic Inc.
  • Pason Systems Corporation
  • Titan Logix Corporation
  • EMSCAN Corporation
  • InfoChip Systems Inc.
  • Testforce System Inc.
  • TRTeCh

Contact Information

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta
5-1M Mechanical Engineering Building
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2G5

Tel.: 780-492-3615
Fax: 780-492-2200

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