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Manuel J. Rodriguez

Manuel J. Rodriguez

Université Laval

Chair Title

NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Monitoring and Management of Drinking Water Quality from Source to Consumer

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


Senior Chairholder since 2014


In order to meet consumers’ increasingly demanding expectations about the quality of the water that they drink, as well as increasingly tight regulations, municipalities must develop sophisticated strategies for monitoring and managing their drinking water. The NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Monitoring and Management of Drinking Water Quality from Source to Consumer attempts to meet municipalities’ urgent needs for effective management of drinking-water quality and to develop effective tools to support decision-making on this subject.

The Chair will generate new knowledge and strategies for improving the management of water quality at the source and in the distribution system. The Chair will achieve its objectives through a multidisciplinary research program involving three complementary sets of activities:

  1. developing strategies for monitoring and protecting sources of drinking water;
  2. improving management of disinfection by-products in distribution systems; and
  3. implementing methodologies for evaluating and improving consumers’ confidence in the quality of their drinking water.

Taking advantage of a strong research infrastructure comprising leading-edge laboratory instruments and field equipment, the Chair will focus on generating innovative, reliable spatial/temporal data, on water quality from the source to the tap and the factors that influence it. The Chair will also use this infrastructure to develop innovative water-quality-management tools.

In partnership with three municipalities, two private-sector firms, and a watershed protection association, this Industrial Research Chair will contribute directly to the training of many graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals, as well as several undergraduate interns. The expected benefits will include reduced health risks associated with consuming drinking water from the tap, a better cost/benefit ratio for investments in planning and managing drinking water systems, and greater consumer satisfaction with the water that comes out of the tap. The Chair’s findings will also enable its industry partners to enhance their expertise in specific areas related to the Chair’s program, strengthen their research and development capacity, and improve their competitiveness.


  • Government of Quebec City
  • City of Lévis
  • City of Saint-Jérôme
  • ITF labs
  • SNC-Lavalin Inc.
  • APEL (St. Charles River watershed protection association)

Contact Information

Université Laval
Pavillon Félix-Antoine-Savard, bureau 1616
Quebec, Québec
G1V 0A6

Tel.: 418-656-2131, ext. 1616
Fax: 418-656-2018

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