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Vita Martez

Vita Martez

Corporate Development and Applied Research and Innovation Services
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Chair Title

NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Oil Sands In Situ Steam Generation

Chair Program

Industrial Research Chairs Program


 since 2016


Canada’s oilsands are crucial to our energy future amidst many types of energy sources; meeting growing energy demands will require a diverse supply. The oilsands present unique opportunities to accelerate environmental performances as current energy systems, markets, climatic and societal factors continue to shift, and new technologies and innovations emerge.

The overall goal of this Chair program is to develop and assess the steam-water cycle, treatment processes, and GHG reduction strategies associated with the prevention of tube fouling in once-through steam-generators, which are central to many in-situ oilsands steam operations in order to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. The focus of the program is to catalyze the advancement of clean energy technologies from relevant disciplines such as water-steam chemistry, instrumentation, chemical technology, process operations and environmental engineering in order to study and reduce fouling in bare tubes of the once-through steam-generator, enhance steam quality, improve energy efficiency, increase water recycle, decrease emissions and reduce blowdown disposal.

In consultation and collaboration with industry stakeholders, the four major areas of research identified in this program are:

  • Studying the fouling and efficiency issues that impede high-efficiency steam generation,
  • Investigating GHG emissions reduction, low-carbon and renewable energy tie-in strategies,
  • Assessing conditions for maximizing water recycle and reducing water usage, and
  • Researching blowdown treatment and management.

Dr. Vita Martez is a recognized leader in chemical technology and environmental engineering and brings over 18 years of industrial and award-winning applied-research experience in clean energy technologies associated with industrial water and waste-water treatment, and emissions measurement and management.

The key outcome of this Chair program is expected to provide applied knowledge for energy efficient in-situ steam-water recycle, lowered make-up water usage, and decreased emissions. This will result in the pragmatic integration of trans-disciplinary accountabilities of sustainability beyond the economic, environmental and social triple bottom line. Furthermore, this program will give rise to novel clean technologies enabling collaborative applied research amongst academia, researchers/start-ups, small- to medium-sized enterprises, and businesses for the adoption of innovative approaches, treatments or strategies with a reduced environmental footprint.

These transformative developments will benefit applied education and the next-generation of learners in the chemical and environmental engineering disciplines and, since the Chair programs’ partners and service companies do not operate exclusively in Canada, these local benefits will be extended internationally along with Canada’s reputation for demonstrating environmentally responsible global leadership in in-situ oilsands, GHG emissions reduction, and residuals/waste treatment and management.


  • Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions
  • Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)

Contact Information

Corporate Development and Applied Research and Innovation Services
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
CA416, Aldred Building
1301, 16e Avenue Nord-Ouest
Calgary, Alberta
T2M 0L4

Tel.: 403-284-7056
Fax: 403-4032104373

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