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Discovery Grants are NSERC’s leading source of funding for thousands of researchers each year. These grants account for more than one-third of NSERC’s total annual budget of $1.1 billion and are our single largest area of investment.

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$413 MILLION NSERC New Investments in Discovery Grants, Scholarships and Fellowships
Basic research gives way to the innovations – the very ideas that enter the market and strengthen economic growth. And from economic growth comes the ability to invest in basic research - to create the high quality jobs Canadians are seeking and an improved quality of life for all. The Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of State (Science and Technology)
Scientific curiosity leads to discoveries, increases our wealth of information and inspires us to change how we see and do things. And so much of that great discovery-oriented research is being done here in Canada. The Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister of State (Science and Technology)
My work in environmental geochemistry started with an NSERC Discovery Grant, which was my venture capital. Today, I work with companies from across Canada and around the world. Discovery Grants allowed me to push the boundaries of knowledge in my field, and created a catalyst for my research partnerships with the private sector. Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Professor, University of Toronto. Former NSERC Council Member, 2003 - 2013
I am very grateful and thankful for the work NSERC has done in establishing a strong committee and review process that ultimately increases the credibility of the Discovery Grants as a funding source that allows researchers the freedom to explore important questions at the frontiers of their fields. Carolyn Ren, Canada Research Chair in Lab-on-a-Chip Technology, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo
Acadia is pleased with the success of its researchers in the 2013 NSERC Discovery Grants competition. Faced with a competitive, complicated, and challenging research landscape, this success will help us maintain a rich research environment for our faculty and for our undergraduate and graduate students. David MacKinnon, Dean of Research Š Graduate Studies, Acadia University
While Acadia has substantially increased and diversified our funding success beyond Tri-Council competitions, NSERC Discovery Grants remain a critical source of faculty research support. Tom Herman, Vice President Academic, Acadia University
Discovery research – the search for new knowledge and the foundation of all scientific progress – is crucial to the success of the innovation spectrum. Discovery research will continue to be funded, supported and celebrated given its crucial role in fostering collaboration and innovation, and connecting the strengths of universities and colleges to the needs of business for the benefit of all Canadians. James Blatz, Associate Vice President (Partnerships), University of Manitoba, Chair, NSERC Committee on Grants and Scholarships.
NSERC’s Discovery Grants provide important core funding for researchers to explore foundational work. At McMaster, we have leveraged this funding to build a strong research eco-system that encourages our researchers to look outside the box for new partnership and collaboration opportunities. This approach has built our strong expertise in core research areas at the university. Mohamed Elbestawi, Vice-President Research and International Affairs, McMaster University, Member, NSERC Committee on Research Partnerships
At a time when public funding for university research in many countries is decreasing, NSERC Discovery Grants remain a critical source of funds for researchers in all stages of their careers. At the University of Alberta we consider this funding to be the base on which we build our research program. Murray Gray, Vice-Provost (Academic) and Associate Vice-President (Research), University of Alberta, Member, NSERC Committee on Research Partnerships
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