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International Opportunities

International Opportunities

Collaboration between countries is more important than ever to achieve success in research.

International research and training are essential components of modern science, technology and innovation. To support and enhance Canada’s research and training capacity in the natural sciences and engineering, NSERC has adopted an international strategy that aims to connect Canadian researchers and students with the global supply of ideas and talent. The strategy also aims to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities to attract, retain and develop the best research talent in the world, thereby reinforcing Canada’s status as a destination of choice in the global scientific community.

This section contains information about international opportunities for Canadian researchers and students as well as information for foreign researchers and students who are interested in conducting research with Canadians or in gaining experience at a Canadian organization.

Professors at Canadian universities will find information about programs that support collaboration and exchange with peers in other countries, as well as their participation in international scientific initiatives and research networks.

Canadian students and fellows will be able to identify opportunities to enhance their research training in an international setting and to help them build international networks of contacts that will be of benefit to them throughout their careers.

Finally, foreign researchers and students will find information about opportunities to collaborate with researchers in Canada, or to pursue their careers or their training at a Canadian institution.

Funding opportunities

A number of international opportunities are available through NSERC grant and scholarship programs, or are facilitated through agreements with other research funding organizations in Canada and in other countries. Researchers, students and fellows are encouraged to investigate these opportunities by exploring the following links:

For Professors

For Students and Fellows

From time to time, NSERC may issue requests for proposals to catalyze collaborative research involving both Canadians and foreign researchers in areas that hold significant potential for innovation and scientific leadership. View information

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