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Latest News - 2016

This link will take you to another Web site CIHR and NSERC Launch Collaborative Health Research Projects Competition
May 4, 2016 Program News
This link will take you to another Web site Open Letter to University Presidents from the Canada Research Chairs Program
May 4, 2016 Program News
Embark with us on a Science Odyssey, May 6-15!
May 2, 2016 News
NSERC-CRD and Mitacs Accelerate Joint Application
April 29, 2016 Program News
This link will take you to another Web site 2016 Governor Generalís Innovation Awards Winners
April 28, 2016 News Release
NSERC Announces Review of Discovery Funding Allocation
April 21, 2016 Program News
Changes to NSERC Policies for New Primary Caregivers
April 18, 2016 Program News
To Spur Innovation, Embrace Diversity, Eliminate Redundancies
April 15, 2016 News
Government of Canada announces a $21.4 million investment in innovative research projects that prepare science and engineering graduates for jobs
April 14, 2016 News Release
Building a Culture of Scientific Discovery and Innovation
April 12, 2016 News
New Brunswick Mobilizes
April 5, 2016 Research News
Charging onward
April 1, 2016 Research News
First, We Take Washington
March 24, 2016 Research News
Cleaner Energy, Better Water Management, Faster Computing
March 21, 2016 News
Colonel Chris Hadfield Wins NSERC Award for Science Promotion for Popularizing Science
March 18, 2016 News Release
Feeling the Buzz
March 15, 2016 Research News
NSERC Participating in New Digging Into Data Challenge Competition
March 8, 2016 Program News
Government of Canada Invests Over $48 Million for Strategic Partnerships in Science and Engineering
March 1, 2016 News Release
Students Find Alternatives to Antibiotics for Chickens
February 25, 2016 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site CIHR and NSERC continue support for collaborative health research
February 23, 2016 News Release
Now Open: Joint Call for the Water JPI 2016
February 17, 2016 Program News
Prime Minister Trudeau Honours Canada's Top Scientists and Engineers
February 16, 2016 News Release
NSERC Interactive Dashboard: Where we invest and why
February 10, 2016 News
This link will take you to another Web site Government of Canada announces strong support for cutting-edge research
February 9, 2016 News Release
Next Generation Clean Technologies
February 2, 2016 News
Developing an Interactive Thriller Video Game
February 1, 2016 Research News
This link will take you to another Web site Postsecondary institutions competitively selected to apply to the Canada First Research Excellence Fund
January 26, 2016 News Release
This link will take you to another Web site Trans-Atlantic Platform Set to Launch the 2016 T-AP Digging into Data Challenge
January 21, 2016 News
Starving Out Viral Guests
January 20, 2016 Research News
NSERC 2020:
New Strategic Plan Set in Motion

January 14, 2016 News
Government of Canada Announces a $4 Million Investment for Development of Next Generation Clean Technologies
January 8, 2016 News Release
People Discovery Innovation