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International Research Collaboration Opportunities with France, Japan and Taiwan

Researchers and their teams are invited to begin planning for international collaboration opportunities that will be available through the Strategic Project Grants competition, set to open in January 2013.

Changes in Effect for 2013

The French National Research Agency has replaced the Programme Blanc international with their theme-driven programs—the This link will take you to another Web site Agrobiosphere program, This link will take you to another Web site Hardware and software infrastructures for the digital society (INFRA) program and This link will take you to another Web site the Digital Models program for the 2013 competition. Researchers in France will be able to partner with Canadian researchers through the currently open calls for proposals. Canadian partners must ensure that proposals fit within the four target areas of the Strategic Project Grants competition. More details will be available in January 2013.

Ongoing International Opportunities

NSERC and Taiwan’s National Science Council will be accepting applications in all four of the Strategic Project Grants Target Areas. More details are available on the Strategic Project Grants page.

NSERC and the Japan Science and Technology Agency will be accepting applications in “Renewable Energy” and “Energy Use” research topics under the Natural Resources and Energy target area. More details are available on the Strategic Project Grants page.

Concurrent calls for joint research projects with international granting agencies are part of NSERC’s international strategy to increase scientific collaboration between Canada and other countries. Where priorities and programs align, NSERC may sign Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) to establish mechanisms for joint funding of collaborative research and innovation projects conducted by teams from the countries covered in a relevant MOU.

For more information, consult the detailed application instructions for international collaborations, or contact