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Ten Days of Fun With Science and Engineering!

You donít want to miss this experience!

It is with great enthusiasm that we inform you that starting in 2016, NSERC will steward the planning and coordination of the annual National Science and Technology Week, typically held in October each year. This is a great opportunity to engage and inspire young Canadians and the general public with S&T accomplishments coming from all corners of Canada’s prolific scientific community including our research community, Promoscience partners, government science departments and industry partners.

Building a strong science and engineering culture in Canada is at the core of our This link will take you to another Web site vision for 2020. Canada’s future prosperity resides in the minds, skills, creativity, and aspirations of its people. We want to inspire a robust science culture in Canada that values science and, by demonstrating the impacts of Canadian research, encourage the general population and the younger generation to take an interest and possibly pursue careers in the science and engineering fields.

We are planning fun, inspiring and engaging activities for all ages with particular emphasis on Canadian youth. Our next steps: rebranding the event, including finding a new name and format for this great experience that will occur every year during the month of May.

Save the date! You need to be there from May 6 to 15, 2016, for ten days of fun and excitement in science, technology and engineering.

Details will come soon.

To learn more about this experience or to find out how you can participate, send us an email to