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2011 Collaborative Health Research Projects Competition Results

NSERC and This link will take you to another Web site CIHR are pleased to announce the results of the 2011 competition for Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP). The CHRP program received 118 applications requesting $19 million in year one. Of these, the 34 applications listed below were selected for funding, representing a success rate of 29 percent and an average annual award of $149,000.

Collaborative Health Research Projects 2011 Competition Awards
Project Title
Byers, David DM

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dalhousie University
Lead optimization of new antibacterials/antimalarials that target ACP synthase
  • Davidson, Ross
  • McMaster, Christopher
  • Weaver, Donald
1 Yr Inst. 1
$76,760 CIHR
$76,760 NSERC
Chan, Timothy TCY

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto
ARRT: Adaptive and Robust Radiation Therapy treatment planning for lung cancer
  • Bezjak, Andrea
  • Bissonnette, Jean-Pierre
  • Brock, Kristy
  • Hardemark, Bjorn
  • Heath, Emily
  • Hope, Andrew
  • Jaffray, David
  • Kaus, Michael
  • McCann, Claire
  • Purdie, Thomas
  • Sharpe, Michael
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$84,167 NSERC
Chan, Warren WCW

Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, Inst. of (IBBME)
University of Toronto
Engineering low-cost nanotechnology-based molecular diagnostics using paper
  • Allen, Vanessa
  • Farnood, Ramin
  • Rebbapragada, Anu
  • Yan, Ning
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$71,867 CIHR
$71,868 NSERC
Cheung, Karen KC

Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia
Hydrogel-based microfluidic cell culture system for controlled drug dosage effects
  • Bally, Marcel
  • Roskelley, Calvin
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$104,691 CIHR
$9,559 NSERC
Delaney, Kerry KR

Victoria University
Implantable telemetric devices for electrophysiological and behavioural research using rodent disease models
  • Brown, Craig
  • Christie, Brian
  • Dechev, Nikolai
  • Livingston, Nigel
  • Ramer, Matt
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$72,500 CIHR
$72,500 NSERC
Dumont, Guy GAM

Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia
The Phone Oximeter: a simple, mobile device for respiratory disease management in the community
  • Ansermino, Mark
  • Wensley, David
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$64,116 CIHR
$64,116 NSERC
Herzog, Walter W

Kinesiology, Faculty of
University of Calgary
Muscle rehabilitation of cerebral palsy patients receiving botulinum toxin type-A (Botox) treatments
  • Goldstein, Simon
  • Matyas, John
  • Ronsky, Janet
  • Wiley, James
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$73,787 CIHR
$20,000 IMHA
$93,788 NSERC
Jardine, Andrew AKS

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto
Risk factors and optimization model for breast cancer screening
  • Harvey, Bart
  • Hoch, Jeffrey
  • Miller, Anthony
  • Sullivan, Terrence
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$70,273 CIHR
$70,273 NSERC
Juncker, David D

Biomedical Engineering
McGill University
Rapid detection of MRSA and identification of strain using an autonomous microfluidic chip with bacteriophages
  • Lebel, Pierre
  • Veres, Teodor
  • Zourob, Mohammed
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$173,500 CIHR
Klein, Raymond RM

Dalhousie University
Novel technologies for cognitive repair
  • Eskes, Gail
  • Gregson, Peter
  • Mendez, Ivar
  • Watters, Carolyn
  • Westwood, David
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$35,167 CIHR
$35,168 IA
$70,335 NSERC
Krishnan, Sridhar S

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ryerson University
Signal analysis of T-wave alternans for predicting sudden cardiac deaths
  • Chauhan, Vijay
  • Ivanov, Joan
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$204,650 CIHR
Lee, WonSook WS

School of Information Technology and Engineering
University of Ottawa
Detection and simulation of femoroacetabular impingement
  • Beaulé, Paul
  • Frei, Hanspeter
  • Joslin, Christopher
  • Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
  • Rakhra, Kawan
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$51,450 CIHR
$20,000 IMHA
$71,450 NSERC
Lesk, Mark MR

Université de Montréal
Pulsatile displacement of the lamina cribrosa in the pathogenesis of glaucoma: development of a novel device and preliminary clinical testing
  • Costantino, Santiago
  • Freeman, Ellen
  • Ozaki, Tsuneyuki
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$107,608 CIHR
$107,607 NSERC
Ma, Hongshen H

Mechanical Engineering
The University of British Columbia
Microfluidic enrichment of circulating tumor cells
  • Black, Peter
  • Chi, Kim
  • Cox, Michael
  • Gleave, Martin
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$87,328 CIHR
$87,327 NSERC
MacAulay, Calum CE

Pathology and Lab Medicine
The University of British Columbia
Co-registered autofluorescence and OCT imaging of the airways
  • Lam, Stephen
  • Lane, Pierre
  • Yang, Victor
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$69,077 CIHR
$69,077 NSERC
Marcotte, Isabelle I

Université du Québec à Montréal
Improved membrane permeation assays for drug bioavailability assessment
  • Badia, Antonella
  • Claverie, Jérôme
  • Leclair, Grégoire
  • Mouget, Yves
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$92,000 CIHR
Martin, Randall

Physics and Atmospheric Science
Dalhousie University
Developing technologies to assess long-term exposures of the Canadian population to air pollution: research leading to knowledge-transfer to reduce health effects
  • Brook, Jeffrey
  • Burnett, Richard
  • Goldberg, Mark
  • Hakami, Amir
  • Johnson, Markey
  • Stieb, David
  • Villeneuve, Paul
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$74,307 CIHR
$74,306 NSERC
Menon, Carlo C

School of Engineering Science
Simon Fraser University
Robotic assisted transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy
  • Acerra, Nicole
  • Boyd, Lara
  • Garland, Jayne
  • Joffres, Michel
  • Kaminska, Bozena
3 Yrs Inst. 1
$57,600 CIHR
$57,600 NSERC

Orvig, Chris CER

The University of British Columbia

Development and potential mechanisms in bifunctional lanthanide compound enhancement of deteriorating bone structures

  • Wang, Rizhi
  • Wasan, Kishor

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$12,250 CIHR
$20,000 IMHA
$32,250 NSERC

Palmer, Michael M

University of Waterloo

Novel daptomycin-derived lipopeptide antibiotics for overcoming resistance in gram-positive bacteria

  • Dieckmann, Thorsten
  • Dmitrienko, Gary
  • Pillai, Dylan
  • Taylor, Scott

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$74,966 CIHR
$74,967 NSERC

Patel, Rajnikant RV

Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Western Ontario

A novel platform for minimally invasive tumor localization and treatment

  • Malthaner, Richard
  • Naish, Michael
  • Peters, Terence

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$57,387 CIHR
$57,388 NSERC

Pichora, David DR

Queen’s University

Advanced real-time 3D imaging, planning and navigation of fracture surgery

  • Abolmaesumi, Purang
  • Bryant, Timothy
  • Ellis, Randy
  • Rudan, John

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$41,995 CIHR
$20,000 IMHA
$61,995 NSERC

Polyzois, Dimos D

Civil Engineering
University of Manitoba

Development of a protocol for the renewal of housing to improve the health of First Nations residents

  • Alfaro, Marolo
  • Dick, Kris
  • Larcombe, Linda
  • Orr, Pamela
  • Phillips, Bert
  • Polyzois, Eleoussa
  • Wells, John
  • Wells, Tamara

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$79,175 CIHR
$79,175 NSERC

Pouliot, Roxane R

Faculté de pharmacie
Université Laval

Analyses de polyphénols issus d'écorces d'essences canadiennes pour le traitement du psoriasis

  • Desjardins, Yves
  • Poubelle, Patrice
  • Stevanovic Janezic, Tatjana

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$55,250 CIHR
$20,000 IMHA
$75,250 NSERC

Ringuette, Maurice MJ

Cell and Systems Biology
University of Toronto

Development of SPARC mimetic peptides for targeting peritoneal metastasis of epithelial ovarian cancer

  • Brown, Theodore
  • Gariepy, Jean
  • Murphy, Joan
  • Petrik, James

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$76,850 CIHR
$76,849 NSERC

Santamaria, Pere P

Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
University of Calgary

Immunoregulatory nanovaccines: optimization of physical, chemical, pharmacokinetic and immunological properties for bench-to-bedside translation

  • Chan, Warren
  • Yang, Yang

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$96,580 CIHR
$96,580 NSERC

Selvaganapathy, Ponnambalam P

Mechanical Engineering
McMaster University

Microfluidic high-throughput screening device for C. elegans movement-based assays

  • Gupta, Bhagwati
  • Mishra, Ram

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$75,750 CIHR
$75,750 NSERC

Shoichet, Molly MS

Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
University of Toronto

Bioengineered cell delivery system

  • Morshead, Cindi
  • Tator, Charles
  • Van der Kooy, Derek

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$114,710 CIHR
$114,710 NSERC

Sinton, David DA

Mechanical Engineering
University of Victoria

High-throughput sperm motility assay and automated selection for clinical in vitro fertilization

  • Bissonnette, François
  • Zini, Armand

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$77,000 CIHR
$77,000 NSERC

Sivaloganathan, Sivabal S

Applied Mathematics
University of Waterloo

Effective estimation of second cancer risks and resultant possible improvements of treatment protocols

  • Brenner, David
  • Hodgson, David
  • Kohandel, Mohammad
  • Schwartz, Cindy
  • Sharpe, Michael

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$78,136 CIHR
$78,137 NSERC

Tibbits, Glen

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
Simon Fraser University

Optical mapping of the neonate heart to determine the etiology of Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia

  • Beg, Mirza Faisal
  • Sarunic, Marinko

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$98,150 CIHR
$98,150 NSERC

Van Veggel, Frank FCJM

University of Victoria

Antibody-nanoparticle conjugates as molecular imaging agents for solid brain tumour (glioma)

  • Abulrob, Abedelnasser
  • Tomanek, Boguslaw

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$64,093 CIHR
$64,093 NSERC

Waddell, Thomas TK

University of Toronto

Advanced tissue engineering strategies for generating replacement tracheal tissues

  • McGuigan, Alison

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$52,273 CIHR
$52,273 NSERC

Yudin, Andrei

University of Toronto

Specific and cell-permeable molecular probes of calpain function

  • Davies, Peter
  • Schirmeister, Tanja
  • Simeonov, Anton

3 Yrs Inst. 1
$72,000 CIHR
$72,000 NSERC

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