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Competition Results for the Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program 2009

NSERC is pleased to announce the 2009 competition results for the Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program (DAS).

The DAS Program aims to provide substantial and timely additional resources to accelerate progress and maximize the impact of outstanding research programs. In 2009, NSERC awarded $12 million to 100 applications in the DAS competition. These supplements are valued at $120,000 over three years.

The winners are listed below:

Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program
2009 Competition Results
Researcher Research Title Department Institution
Achari, Gopal Development of innovative remediation systems for priority pollutants Civil Engineering Calgary
Acosta, Edgar Interfacial curvature of surface active substances Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Toronto
Adams, Keith Alternative splicing in polyploids and hybrids Botany British Columbia
Anderson, Adam Valenced cognition: neural investigations Psychology (Toronto) Toronto
Aubertin, Michel Hydro-geotechnical response of mining wastes under critical nearly-saturated conditions: applications to the design of waste rock piles and backfilled stopes Génies Civil, géologique et des mines École Polytechnique
Backhouse, Christopher A miniaturised atomic emission spectrometer Electrical and Computer Engineering Alberta
Baroud, Gamal Precision delivery and monitoring instrumentation for vertebral body augmentation in osteoporotic patients Génie mécanique Sherbrooke
Becker, Suzanna Mechanisms of spatial memory Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour McMaster
Ben-David, Shai Theoretical analysis of emerging machine learning paradigms Computer Science, David R. Cheriton School of Waterloo
Bernier, Monique Développement d'outils pour l'utilisation de la polarimétrie radar Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement (ETE) INRS
Bertrand, François Modeling of dry granular and solid-liquid flows in chemical engineering processes Génie chimique École Polytechnique
Bienzle, Dorothee Host response to lentiviral infection Pathobiology Guelph
Boraston, Alisdair Polysaccharide recognition by microbial carbohydrate-binding modules Biochemistry and Microbiology Victoria
Boutaba, Raouf Fundamentals in network and service management Computer Science, David R. Cheriton School of Waterloo
Brolo, Alexandre Plasmonic structures and their applications in nanoelectrochemistry and single-molecule spectroelectrochemistry Chemistry Victoria
Cahill, James From roots to flowers: linking behavioural, evolutionary, and community ecology in a native grassland Biological Sciences Alberta
Craster, Richard The spreading and dynamics of thin fluid films Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Alberta
Creaser, Robert Further development and application of the ReOs isotope system in crustal geochronology Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Alberta
Crespi, Bernard Evolution of social and reproductive behaviour Biological Sciences Simon Fraser
Davidson, Timothy Advanced multi-user systems for wireless communication networks Electrical and Computer Engineering McMaster
Drouin, Dominique Nanofabrication of single electron devices to support CMOS evolution in next decades Génie électrique et génie informatique Sherbrooke
Edwards, Elizabeth Contaminant-degrading processes revealed through metagenomic analysis of microbial consortia Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Toronto
Fahrig, Lenore Effects of roads and traffic on animal abundance Biology Carleton
Feng, James Novel strategies for producing and manipulating microdrops on a patterned substrate Chemical and Biological Engineering British Columbia
Festa-Bianchet, Marco Écologie évolutive des grands mammifères dans un environnement variable - Evolutionary ecology of large mammals in a changing environment Biologie Sherbrooke
Fortin, Marie-Josée Global change effects on species distribution: space matters Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Toronto
Froese, Duane Tephrostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental studies in Yukon and Alaska: analogues for a future, warmer Artic Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Alberta
Gong, Guang Investigation of a new paradigm for security and privacy in Radio Frequency Identification System Electrical & Computer Engineering Waterloo
Gottschalk, Marcelo Studies on the pathogenesis of the infections caused by streptococcus suis Pathologie et microbiologie Montréal
Gross, Warren Design and implementation of coded signal processing systems Electrical and Computer Engineering McGill
Guttman, David Functional and evolutionary genomics of host adaptation Cell and Systems Biology Toronto
Hampson, Elizabeth Androgens and estrogens in the human nervous system Psychology Western Ontario
Hicks, Robin Redox-active ligands and their metal complexes Chemistry Victoria
Hubbard, Ted Frictional MEMS: moving at the micro scale Mechanical Engineering Dalhousie
Isgor, Burkan Model-assisted non-destructive monitoring of reinforcement corrosion in concrete structures Civil and Environmental Engineering Carleton
Iwaniuk, Andrew Dancing, drumming and singing: neural control of courtship behaviours Neuroscience Lethbridge
Jakobson, Dmitry Eigenfunctions in analysis, geometry and PDE Mathematics and Statistics McGill
Jaksic, Vojkan Entropic fluctuations in statistical mechanics Mathematics and Statistics McGill
Jatskevich, Juri Modelling and analysis of power electronic and energy conversion systems Electrical and Computer Engineering British Columbia
Jedwab, Jonathan Aperiodic autocorrelation properties of sequences and arrays. Mathematics Simon Fraser
Johnson, Catherine Geophysical investigations of Earth, Moon and Mercury Earth and Ocean Sciences British Columbia
Karttunen, Mikko Self-assembly and dynamics in biomaterials and biological matter Mathematics Western Ontario
Karu, Kalle Sheaves on fans and posets Mathematics British Columbia
Kassen, Rees Experimental studies on the origins of diversity Biology Ottawa
Kelly, Scott The endocrine regulation of hydromineral balance in aquatic vertebrates Biology York
Khesin, Boris Hamiltonian dynamics and infinite-dimensional Lie groups Mathematics Toronto
Krems, Roman Cold controlled chemistry Chemistry British Columbia
Lakshmanan, Laks Query processing by, for, and of the masses: putting the user in the loop Computer Science British Columbia
Lampe, Lutz Signaling and signal processing for efficient cooperation in communication networks Electrical and Computer Engineering British Columbia
Léger, Pierre Structural safety evaluation and rehabilitation of concrete dams and gated spillways subjected to ice and seismic loads Génies Civil, géologique et des mines École Polytechnique
Lhotàk, Ondréj Practical static analysis of object-oriented programs Computer Science, David R. Cheriton School of Waterloo
Li, Yingfu Functional nucleic acids as catalysts and molecular recognition elements Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences McMaster
Lin, Shoufa Structural and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts, with an emphasis on kinematics of shear zones, archean tectonics and implications for mineralization Earth Sciences Waterloo
Liu, Jiangchuan Toward adaptive, scalable and socialized multimedia content distribution over ubiquitous networks Computing Science Simon Fraser
Lockwood, Geoffrey A hybrid piezoelectric/silicon array for ultrasound intravascular/intracardiac imaging Physics Queen's
Longtin, André Dynamics of sensory processing Physics Ottawa
Marshall, Shawn Modelling glacier and ice sheet response to climate change Geography Calgary
Martel, Richard Electrical and optical studies on carbon nanotube transistors Chimie Montréal
Martin, Randall Interpreting satellite observations of tropospheric composition to improve understanding of climate and air quality Physics and Atmospheric Science Dalhousie
Masson, Patrice Stratégies d'antennes pour la discrimination temporelle et spatiale en surveillance des structures par propagation d'ondes Génie mécanique Sherbrooke
McCann, Kevin The structural and functional underpinnings of biodiversity Integrative Biology Guelph
McGuigan, Alison Processing and design criteria for engineering artificial tissues Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Toronto
McIndoe, Scott Mass spectrometry-led catalyst discovery Chemistry Victoria
McKenna Neuman, Cheryl Mechanics of particle transport by wind Geography Trent
Mistlberger, Ralph Finding time for dinner: neural and molecular mechanisms of food-entrainable circadian clocks Psychology Simon Fraser
Moehring, Amanda Quantitative and molecular genetics of mating behaviour and speciation in Drosophila Biology Western Ontario
Molloy, Michael Probabilistic graph theory and theoretical computer science Computer Science Toronto
Moore, Ian Soil-pipe interaction and the behaviour and design of urban pipe infrastructure Civil Engineering Queen's
Mousseau, Normand Simulated structural and dynamical properties of complex materials Physique Montréal
Munhall, Kevin Audiovisual speech perception Psychology Queen's
Oliver, Michele Development of multidisciplinary human factors approaches to the design of tasks, tools and environments utilized in industrial applications Engineering, School of Guelph
Pagenkopf, Brian Natural product inspired synthetic methods Chemistry Western Ontario
Palmer, Caroline Memory and motor processes in performance Psychology McGill
Papini, Marcello Abrasive jet micromachining:  the effect of particle size and shape, and the machining of three dimensional suspended components Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Ryerson
Paré, Martin Parietal cortex persistent activity and working memory capacity Physiology Queen's
Pelling, Andrew Measurement and modulation of mechanical force transduction in living cells Physics Ottawa
Poole, Warren Mechanisms of deformation and fracture in light metals Materials Engineering British Columbia
Prodic, Aleksandar Reconfigurable digitally-controlled low power SMPS Electrical and Computer Engineering, Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Toronto
Schwenk, Achim The many-body physics of nuclei, cold atoms, neutron stars and supernovae Science Division TRIUMF
Shatkay, Hagit Translating data into knowledge: from biomedical sequences and text to disease prediction and prevention Computing, School of Queen's
Sheikholeslami, Ali Memory circuits for spin electronics Electrical and Computer Engineering, Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Toronto
Sherratt, Thomas A synthetic theory of anti-predator defence Biology Carleton
Sivoththaman, Siva Development and practical implementation of spectral engineering and nanotechnology concepts for high efficiency photovoltaic devices Electrical & Computer Engineering Waterloo
Steffler, Peter Computational modeling of river hydrodynamics and ecology Civil and Environmental Engineering Alberta
Stix, John Mechanisms, triggers, and forecasting of explosive volcanic eruptions Earth and Planetary Sciences McGill
Swamy, Chaitanya Algorithm design in game-theoretic environments and settings with uncertainty Combinatorics and Optimization Waterloo
Tang, Boxin Space-filling designs and robust orthogonal arrays Statistics and Actuarial Science Simon Fraser
Teskey, Campbell Plasticity of sensorimotor neocortex Psychology Calgary
Théoret, Hugo Motor resonance in adolescence Psychologie Montréal
Tufenkji, Nathalie Macroscopic and microscopic aspects of microbe and colloid transport and retention in aqueous systems Chemical Engineering McGill
Vatsal, Vinayak Special values of L-functions modulo p Mathematics British Columbia
Vengallatore, Srikar Internal friction in thin films: application to micro- and nanomechanical resonators Mechanical Engineering McGill
Virag, Balint Random matrices and processes Mathematics Toronto
Whitehead, Henry (Hal) Culture in whales Biology Dalhousie
Wilson, Christine Star formation in galaxies across a range of environments Physics and Astronomy McMaster
Wykes, Linda Protein and amino acid metabolism in malnutrition and metabolic stress Dietetics and Human Nutrition, School of McGill
Xiao, Wei A eukaryotic SOS response Microbiology and Immunology Saskatchewan
Yeow, Tze-Wei (John) Design, model, and fabrication of micro/nanodevices Systems Design Engineering Waterloo
Zamble, Deborah Metalloproteins in intracellular nickel homeostasis Chemistry Toronto
Zemel, Richard Machine learning for image understanding and user modelling Computer Science Toronto