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2015 Research Grants Competition - Results by Institution

Applicant Name Program Title EG Term Awarded Amount
Chen, Aicheng
Chemistry - Chemistry
RGPIN Electrochemical and photocatalytic studies of functional nanomaterials 1504 5 $107,000.00
Curiel, Laura
Electrical Engineering - Electrical Engineering
RGPIN Enhancing high intensity focused ultrasound molecule delivery using molecular imaging 1505 5 $19,000.00
Pakzad, Leila
Chemical Engineering - Chemical Engineering
RGPIN Investigation of Mixing in Multiphase (gas, solid, and liquid) flow through Experimental and Numerical (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Techniques. 1511 5 $25,000.00
Rezazadeh Azar, Ehsan
Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering
RGPIN Smart vision-based monitoring system for heavy construction and surface mining jobsites 1509 5 $23,000.00
Reznik, Alla
Physics - Physics
RGPIN Polycrystalline Lead Oxide (PbO) photoconductor: physics and application in direct conversion x-ray medical imaging detectors 1505 5 $28,000.00
Sadhu, Ayan
Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering
RGPIN Cost-effective Rehabilitation of Civil Infrastructure using Limited Sensors 1509 5 $24,000.00
Ulanova, Marina
Faculty of Medicine (West Campus) - Faculty of Medicine (West Campus)
RGPIN Role of NOD-like receptors and inflammasome activation in innate immunity to pathogenic bacteria 1501 5 $30,000.00
Zehbe, Ingeborg
Biology - Biology
RGPIN Virus-host interactions in the context of natural human papillomavirus type 16 E6 gene variants 1501 5 $34,000.00
Zurevinski, Shannon
Geology - Geology
RGPIN Mineralogy, petrology and isotope systematics of Proterozoic continental rift-related alkaline magmatism, Northwestern Ontario, Canada 1506 5 $20,000.00