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2015 Research Grants Competition - Results by Institution

Mount Allison
Applicant Name Program Title EG Term Awarded Amount
Hamilton, Lisa
Psychology - Psychology
RGPIN Physiological and psychological mechanisms in the relationship between stress and sexual response in humans 1502 5 $24,000.00
Hornidge, David
Physics - Physics
SAPPJ Investigations of Hadronic Structure using CB-TAPS at the Mainz Microtron 19 3 $140,000.00
Irwin, Andrew
Mathematics and Computer Science - Mathematics and Computer Science
RGPIN Projecting marine plankton responses to climate change using realized niches 1503 5 $40,000.00
Kurek, Joshua
Geography and Environment - Geography and Environment
RGPIN Paleoenvironmental investigation of an emerging stressor to Canadian salmon rivers 1506 5 $24,000.00
Lloyd, Vett
Biology - Biology
RGPIN Epigenetics of non-model organisms 1501 5 $38,000.00
Waller, Jeffrey
Chemistry & Biochemistry
EQPEQ Refrigerated microcentrifuge system for molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and metabolite analysis 1502 1 $8,200.00