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2015 Research Grants Competition - Results by Institution

Northern British Columbia
Applicant Name Program Title EG Term Awarded Amount
Aravind, Alex
Computer Science - Computer Science
RGPIN Development of Synchronization Algorithms and Simulation Systems 1507 5 $18,000.00
Dawson, Russell
Ecosystem Science and Management Program - Ecosystem Science and Management Program
RGPIN Reproductive Effort and Success in Birds 1503 5 $21,000.00
Gray, Sarah
Northern Medical Program - Northern Medical Program
RGPIN Endocrine regulation of thermogenesis: role of pituitary adenylate cylase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) 1502 5 $28,000.00
Lee, Chow
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
EQPEQ An Imaging System for Proteins and Nucleic Acids Analysis 1501 1 $48,999.00