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2015 Research Grants Competition - Results by Institution

Prince Edward Island
Applicant Name Program Title EG Term Awarded Amount
Abd-El-Aziz, Alaa
Chemistry - Chemistry
RGPIN Design of Redox-active Metal-Containing Macrocycles and Dendrimers 1504 1 $20,000.00
Burr, Jamie
Science, Faculty of - Science, Faculty of
RGPIN Investigating the role and response of the human vasculature in the adaptive response to stressful exercise 1502 5 $29,000.00
Kamunde, Collins
Biomedical Sciences
EQPEQ Tools for High Resolution Respirometry 1502 1 $100,408.00
Rodriguez-Lecompte, Juan
Pathology and Microbiology - Pathology and Microbiology
RGPIN Nutritional regulation of genes associated with avian B cell receptors involved in innate and adaptive immunity 1502 5 $24,000.00
Stevens, E
Biomedical Sciences - Biomedical Sciences
RGPIN Fish Physiology: analgesics and their side effects 1502 5 $28,000.00