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2015 Research Grants Competition - Results by Institution

Royal Military College of Canada
Applicant Name Program Title EG Term Awarded Amount
Hurley, William
Mathematics and Computer Science - Mathématiques et informatique
RGPIN Designing Heterogeneous MAC Protocols for Single-Channel Ad Hoc Wireless Networks 1509 5 $20,000.00
Malardier-Jugroot, Cecile
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - Chimie et de génie chimique
RGPIN Tailoring unsupported nanoreactors: role of confinement in biomimetic systems 1504 5 $20,000.00
Noureldin, Aboelmagd
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Génie électrique et génie informatique
RGPIN Multi-Sensor Deep Integration for Next Generation Land Vehicle Positioning and Navigation 1510 5 $30,000.00
Sabat, Ribal
Physics - Physique
RGPIN Plasmonic Non-linear Surface Relief Nano-structures in Azobenzene-Containing Materials and Their Applications 1505 5 $22,000.00