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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2015

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - Carleton
Program Name Current
Department Proposed Location
of Tenure
(?=not yet decided)
CGSD3 Chapman, Jacqueline Carleton Biology Carleton EVOLUTION AND ECOLOGY
CGSD3 Dykes, Kathlyn Carleton Mathematics and Statistics, School of ? PURE MATHEMATICS
CGSD3 Miyata, Colin Carleton Engineering and Design, Faculty of Carleton ROBOTICS
CGSD3 Oliver, Patricia Carleton Physics Carleton Medical Physics
PGSD2 Assal, Hala Carleton Computer Science, School of Carleton Software and development
PGSD3 Baldwin, Christopher Carleton Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Carleton MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
PGSD3 Cutts, Jamie Carleton Earth Sciences British Columbia GEOCHEMISTRY AND GEOCHRONOLOGY
PGSD3 Pleizier, Naomi Carleton Biology ? ANIMAL BIOLOGY
PGSD3 Rioux-Maldague, Lucas Carleton Computer Science, School of ? INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
PGSD3 Ruscito, Annamaria Carleton Chemistry Carleton BIOCHEMISTRY
PGSD3 Shanmugalingam, Ushananthini Carleton Neuroscience, Institute of Carleton CELL BIOLOGY
PGSD3 Vertolli, Michael Carleton Cognitive Science, Institute of Carleton ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Computer Vision, use
PGSD3 Woods, Joshua Carleton Civil and Environmental Engineering Carleton CIVIL ENGINEERING
PGSD3 Young, Andrew Carleton Biology Carleton Taxonomy, systematics and phylogenetics