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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2013

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - Concordia
Program Name Current
Department Proposed Location
of Tenure
(?=not yet decided)
CGSM Martinoski, Kristen Concordia University College of Alberta Head Office Alberta MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
PGSM Nolan-Poupart, Sarah Concordia Behavioral Neurobiology, Ctr for Studies in Concordia Behavioural neuroscience -- reward, motivation
PGSD2 Bou Harb, Elias Concordia Computer Science and Software Engineering Concordia INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
PGSD3 McRae, Andrew Concordia Physics Concordia PHYSICS
PGSD3 Portaro, Rocco Concordia Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Concordia FLUID MECHANICS
PGSD3 Yates, Matthew Concordia Biology ? EVOLUTION AND ECOLOGY
CGSM Gardner Gregory, James Concordia Psychology ? Neurophysiology
CGSM Grenier, Vincent Concordia Chemistry and Biochemistry ? ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
CGSM Lamontagne, Cassandra Concordia Geography, Planning and Environment Concordia PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY
CGSM Massey, William Concordia Geography, Planning and Environment Concordia HYDROLOGY