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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2016

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - McMaster
Program Name Current
Department Proposed Location
of Tenure
(?=not yet decided)
CGSD2 Bialy, Monika McMaster Computing and Software McMaster Software and development
CGSD2 Le, Michelle McMaster Medical Physics & Applied Radiation Sciences McMaster CELL BIOLOGY
CGSD2 Sexton, Danielle McMaster Biology McMaster MICROBIOLOGY
CGSD3 Alessi, Matthew McMaster Physics and Astronomy McMaster ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS
CGSD3 Baxter, Carling McMaster Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour McMaster Behaviour
CGSD3 De France, Kevin McMaster Chemical Engineering McMaster CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
CGSD3 Gallaugher, Michael McMaster Mathematics and Statistics ? STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY
CGSD3 Miholics, Meghan McMaster Physics and Astronomy ? ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS
CGSD3 Narro Perez, Rodrigo McMaster Geography and Earth Sciences, School of McMaster EARTH SCIENCE (see also Marine geology
CGSD3 Roberts, Ian McMaster Physics and Astronomy McMaster ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS
CGSD3 Simpson, Madeline McMaster Chemical Engineering McMaster CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
CGSD3 Tse, Calvin McMaster Kinesiology ? Kinesiology
CGSD3 Wong, Michael McMaster Health Sciences, Faculty of McMaster BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
PDF Fu, Mingxuan McMaster Physics and Astronomy The Johns Hopkins University CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS
PDF Gabardo, Christine McMaster Biomedical Engineering, School of ? BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
PDF Haner, Jamie McMaster Chemistry & Chemical Biology Harvard Medical School ORGANIC CHEMISTRY
PGSD2 El Bouzidi, Salim McMaster Mechanical Engineering McMaster MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
PGSD2 Gaudet, Jonathan McMaster Physics and Astronomy McMaster CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS
PGSD2 Kedzior, Stephanie McMaster Chemical Engineering McMaster CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
PGSD2 Kyle, Novakowski McMaster Pathology and Molecular Medicine McMaster MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
PGSD2 Magill, Gabriel McMaster Physics and Astronomy ? Particle physics
PGSD2 YAN, ZHEJIA McMaster Chemistry & Chemical Biology McMaster PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY
PGSD3 Bicket, Isobel McMaster Materials Science and Engineering McMaster MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
PGSD3 Borowiec, Brittney McMaster Biology McMaster Animal physiology and metabolism
PGSD3 Brenneman, Elora McMaster Kinesiology McMaster Kinesiology
PGSD3 Jovanovic, Stephen McMaster Engineering Physics McMaster Photonic devices and networks