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List of Awards - Applicants from Canadian Universities - 2013

NSERC Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships - York
Program Name Current
Department Proposed Location
of Tenure
(?=not yet decided)
PGSD2 Di Noto, Paula York Psychology York PSYCHOLOGY
PGSD2 Kanoatov, Mirzo York Biology York BIOCHEMISTRY
PGSD2 Speers, Andrew York Computer Science and Engineering York ROBOTICS
PGSD2 Wegman, David York Biology York MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
PGSD3 Moro, Stefania York Psychology York PSYCHOLOGY
PGSD3 Wloka, Calden York Computer Science and Engineering York ROBOTICS
CGSM Afkhami-Jeddi, Nima York Physics and Astronomy ? PHYSICS
CGSM Davis, Zoe York Earth and Space Science and Engineering York ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE
CGSM Fraser, Lindsey York Health, Faculty of York Sensory systems and perception
CGSM Lento, Cristina York Chemistry York BIOCHEMISTRY
CGSM Monckton, Spencer York Biology York Taxonomy, systematics and phylogenetics
CGSM Ng, Marlee York Biology York MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
CGSM Nwadozi, Emmanuel York Kinesiology and Health Science, School of York CELL BIOLOGY
CGSM Rubinfeld, Lindsay York Psychology ? PSYCHOLOGY
CGSM Zohar, Sarah York Psychology ? PSYCHOLOGY
CGSD2 Carter, Heather York Graduate Studies, Faculty of York MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
PDF Ashlock, Wendy York Computer Science and Engineering ? ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Computer Vision, use 2603)
PDF Tsirlin, Inna York Psychology ? Sensory systems -- visual