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Consultation: Report on Informing Research Choices, Indicators and Judgement

On behalf of NSERC, the Minister of Industry has asked the This link will take you to another Web site Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) to conduct an assessment on performance indicators for basic research. The CCA has published the expert panel’s report, This link will take you to another Web site Informing Research Choices: Indicators and Judgment. The assessment examines approaches used to evaluate research performance and indicators that enable comparisons across areas of research in the natural sciences and engineering.

This is part of NSERC’s ongoing commitment to evaluate and improve its processes. The information may help NSERC find ways to compare overall levels of excellence across disciplines, according to international best practices. These and other potential considerations, such as indicators of research trends and research capacity across disciplines, may help determine appropriate budget allocations between the various Discovery Grants Evaluation Groups in the future.

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