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Launch of Discovery Grants Program Five-Year Review

As part of an ongoing commitment to ensure our programs are relevant and effective at meeting their objectives, NSERC has launched the next five-year review of the Discovery Grants Program. The evaluation will use multiple lines of evidence and entail a review of the results by an international panel of experts.

The first step in a series of activities that will shape the evaluation includes an on-line survey of current Discovery Grant holders and applicants since 2009 as well as highly qualified personnel (HQP) supported through the program. In addition, NSERC will be consulting with evaluation group members and chairs, scientific societies, and university administrators.

Although the stakeholders noted above will be contacted directly to take part in the program evaluation, other interested researchers and stakeholders are encouraged to provide their comments and feedback on the program by sending an e-mail to

The Discovery Grants (DG) Program is NSERC's largest and longest-standing program. It accounts for about one-third of NSERC's annual budget.

The DG Program is highly valued within the Canadian research community. By supporting ongoing research programs with long-term goals, rather than a single short-term project or collection of projects, Discovery Grants give researchers the flexibility to explore the most promising avenues of research as they emerge. Grant holders typically receive up to five years of funding before they must apply for their next Discovery Grant.

Applicants must meet a high standard of quality on the following three selection criteria, as judged by their peers:

  1. The excellence of the researcher(s) as demonstrated by the quality and impact of their recent research achievements;
  2. The merit of their research proposal; and
  3. Their achievements in, and plans for, research training.

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