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Discovery Grants Competition Results

Date Program
2016/06/23 2016 Discovery Accelerator Supplements Competition Results
2016/06/23 2016 Research Grants Competition Results
2016/05/20 2016 Competition Statistics Discovery Grants (DG) and Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Programs
2015/06/22 2015 Discovery Accelerator Supplements Competition Results
2015/06/22 2015 Research Grants Competition Results
2015/04/24 2015 Competition Statistics Discovery Grants (DG) and Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) programs
2014/06/26 2014 Discovery Accelerator Supplements Competition Results
2014/06/26 2014 Research Grants Competition Results
2014/06/26 2014 Competition Statistics Discovery Grants (DG) and Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Programs
2013/05/22 2013 Discovery Accelerator Supplements Competition Results
2013/05/22 2013 Research Grants Competition Results
2013/05/02 2013 Discovery Grants Competition Statistics
2012/05/23 2012 Discovery Accelerator Supplements Competition Results
2012/05/23 2012 Research Grants Competition Results
2012/04/30 2012 Discovery Grants Competition Statistics
2011/06/17 2011 Discovery Accelerator Supplements Competition results
2011/06/03 2011 Research Grants Competition Results

UPDATED - 2011 Discovery Grants Competition Statistics

2011/05/03 2011 Discovery Grants Competition Summary
2010/04/09 Government of Canada Invests in Tomorrow’s Scientific Discoveries
2010/04/09 2010 Discovery Grants Program Competition Statistics
2009/08/14 New Discovery Grants peer review structure to be fully implemented for 2010
2009/05/22 2009 Competition Statistics Discovery Grants Program
2009/04/17 Enhancements to Peer Review in the 2009 Discovery Grants Competition


"Canada exists for the long term. NSERC has the inspiring purpose of planning for that long term. It does so through its understanding that the power of science lies in its ability to surprise, and that the key to releasing that power is to support the best of our scientists as they venture into the unknown. With this as its central tenet, NSERC will enjoy the cooperation and support of the nation’s scientific community. Long may it flourish."
- Dr. John Polanyi
Nobel Prize recipient, University of Toronto

"A commitment to excellence means accepting the challenge of continuous improvement by raising the bar. Implementing these changes will raise the bar."
- Peter Nicholson
President, Council of Canadian Academies

"I commend NSERC for accepting the recommendations of the external review panels, which confirmed the extremely high value of the Discovery Grants Program while offering direction on how to further strengthen excellence and support Canada’s most productive researchers."
- Dr. James Blatz
Associate Head of Engineering, University of Manitoba

"NSERC is well-known for its record of strong peer review and merit-based criteria for awarding Discovery Grants. The impact of the recommendations of the recent blue ribbon review panels will bring sharper focus to excellence as the key driver in awarding funds to Canadian researchers for their discovery-based research. The University of Toronto fundamentally supports excellence-based review and believes this will ensure Canada can play a leading role and be globally competitive in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century."
- Dr. Paul Young, PhD, FRSC
Vice President, Research, University of Toronto

"University of Ontario Institute of Technology is highly supportive of the new award system as it based on a demonstrable excellent performance by researchers," added Dr. Gabriel. "In addition, it provides strong incentives for researchers to pursue world-class research of international standards. This will ensure that Canada will continue to perform on the world stage when it comes to advancing knowledge."
- Dr. Kamiel Gabriel
Associate Provost of Research, UOIT

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