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Summary of Changes 2015 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

Financial Administration
Section and Sub-section Nature of Changes
Responsibilities and Accountability
Financial Monitoring Clarification was provided to this section with regards to expectations.

Open Access

This section was updated to reflect the new Tri-Agency Policy on Open Access.
Annual Funding of Grants
Extension Period for Use of Funds Beyond a Grant Period Table was updated.
Use of Grant Funds
General Principles Relocation of existing text from Services and Miscellaneous Expenses regarding adjunct professors.
Compensation-Related Expenses

Non-Eligible Expenses
Bullet point added relating to co-applicants and collaborators.
Administrative Matters
Residual Balances Clarification was added to this section with regards to management of residual balances.
Checklist for Confirming Continuing Eligibility New Ongoing Eligibility Form (personal data).
List of Eligible and Non-eligible Expenses for Stationery and Office Supplies Clarification provided on stationery for use on data collection and others.
People Discovery Innovation