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Summary of Changes 2016 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide

Financial Administration
Section and Sub-section Nature of Changes
Responsibilities and Accountability
  No changes to this section
Annual Funding of Grants
Extension Period for Use of Funds Beyond a Grant Period Table was updated.
Use of Grant Funds
General Principles New reference and text on the indirect and overhead costs
Compensation-Related Expenses
    Note A new note was added.
    Non-eligible Expenses An exception for Postdoctoral researchers was added to the first bullet (SSHRC only)
Travel and Subsistence Costs
     Eligible expenses

6th bullet – now a tri-agency guideline

Last bullet – CIHR has removed its limit on childcare expenses

Last bullet now applies to all three agencies

Sabbatical /Research Leaves

    Eligible expenses

Last bullet now applies to all three agencies
    Non-eligible expenses A clarification was added to the last bullet
Computer and Electronic Communications
    Eligible expenses 1st bullet added specification on adequate justification
    Non eligible expenses Home internet costs are now considered non-eligible expenses
Reporting and Supporting Evidence
Supporting Evidence 3rd paragraph more specification was added to clarify  agencies requirements

Travel claim section – more specifications  were added to the first and sixth bullets
Administrative Matters
Maternity,Parental, Medical or Family leave for Grantees CIHR only – the up to one year reference was removed  - see new bullet for this policy.
Paid Maternity and Parental Leave for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows CIHR has removed the CIHR only statement
Sabbatical/Research Leaves Now a tri-agency policy CIHR has removed the six months requirement.
Residual Balances A link to the Guidelines for the General Research Fund NSERC – SSHRC only has been added

Link to a new list of eligible programs for GRF Transfer is now available in the Reference Document section
Reference Documents
Checklist for Maternity and/or Parental Leave Paid from Grants to Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

New requirement -  with the invoice NSERC also  requires a copy of the current contract of employment for each student
Checklist for Sabbatical/Research Leaves Now a tri-agency policy – six months requirements has been removed.
Checklist for the Transfer of Funds from a Primary Institution to a Non-eligible Institutions (CIHR and SSHRC only) Section B – 2nd box- human and animal ethics more clarification is provided
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