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Interaction Grants

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Value and Duration Up to $5,000 for up to three months
Application Deadline No deadline
Application Procedures See below
Application Forms To create Form 100, select On-line System Login. To view forms and instructions, select PDF Forms and Instructions.

To complete Form 103 CV, Form 401 and the Terms and Conditions of Applying Form, select the links above.
For More Information Contact the NSERC regional office in your area.


Interaction Grants (IG) are intended to give companies that operate from a Canadian base and researchers from Canadian academic institutions (see the List of Eligible Institutions) an opportunity to meet and identify a company-specific problem they could solve by collaborating in a subsequent research partnership. These interactions are expected to result in economic benefits to Canada.

If contact with a company has already been established and a specific problem has been identified, the candidate may be eligible to apply directly for other Research Partnerships grants, including an Engage Grant (EG) or an Applied Research and Development grant (ARD). It is recommended that the candidates intending to follow through with an EG or an ARD application consult the grant’s eligibility requirements in advance.


Interaction Grants provide up to $5,000 over three months to support expenses associated with travel and meetings in order to allow academic researchers to establish contact with one or more companies. Interaction Grants enable researchers and their industrial partners to identify potential research projects.

Applicants must clearly spell out the objectives of the intended meeting(s) and explain how the targeted partners are relevant to the applicant’s expertise, as well as the likelihood and the potential nature of the envisioned future research collaboration. A detailed expense budget is required. Occasionally, travel expenses for University-Industry Liaison Office staff; college administrators; students or postdoctoral researchers; and, under exceptional circumstances, a small or medium-sized enterprise/company representative may be eligible. Please refer to the guidelines for the Use of Grant Funds.

Industrial Participation

As the purpose of an Interaction Grant is to foster the development of a new relationship between a company and an academic researcher, there can be no existing or past relationship between the applicant or any researcher listed on the application, and the company(ies). Examples of an already established relationship between the company and academic researcher include:

  • a previous research collaboration with the company or any of its divisions;
  • current or past involvement on the part of the academic researcher in the company;
  • joint participation in a research network;
  • an existing association with the company or its principals (including adjunct professors and other university departmental colleagues);
  • other evidence that an Interaction Grant is not needed to foster a new research collaboration.

Note: In the case of a college application, there can be no existing or past relationship between the college and the company.

Please consult your NSERC regional office for further information.

The Partner Eligibility Guidelines section of the Guidelines for Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships Programs should be consulted to determine the eligibility of the company to participate. In general, a company partner must operate from a Canadian base and demonstrate clear intentions and capacity to further develop and apply any technology within Canada. Start-up companies may be considered, provided that they meet the requirements below. Holding companies and companies that are not able to further develop the technology in-house are not eligible. To be eligible, a company partner must:

  • have a minimum of two full-time employees; or
  • be in operation for a minimum of two years.

In all cases, companies must demonstrate the ability to exploit a research project’s results. In this context, the resources, capabilities and experience of the company and its staff are relevant.

Application Procedures

Proposals can be submitted at any time using an NSERC Interaction Grants Application Form (Form 401). Once completed, the application form should be uploaded to NSERC’s Secure Upload Site. Please attach your Personal Data Form (Form 100) and Terms and Conditions of Applying Form or, for college-led applications, attach Form 103CV. A Form 100 and Terms and Conditions of Applying Form must be submitted for each researcher listed in the application. If you are not a registered user of the On-line Services, please download the PDF file, or register and create your Form 100 on-line.

Applicants are limited to two active Interaction Grants per fiscal year. Funding decisions for Interaction Grants are usually made within three weeks of receiving a complete application.

Eligible Expenses

Interaction Grant funds are to be used exclusively towards the costs of travel and meetings and cannot be used for equipment or the direct costs of research. The following limitations may apply to this grant:

  • Local travel (under 200 kilometres per round trip) is not eligible;
  • Number of visits to the same company is generally limited to two;
  • Overnight stays, if required, are generally limited to one for each day of meetings; and
  • Changes to the post-award budget must be approved by NSERC.

Selection Criteria

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Incrementality: The proposal must aim to create a new relationship with a company with which the applicant has no present or past involvement.
  • Research competence: The applicant must be an NSERC-eligible academic researcher.
  • Industrial relevance: The proposal must identify one or more potential partner companies which are in a domain that is relevant to the applicant’s expertise and which could benefit by the application of that expertise to address a company-specific problem.


Interaction Grants are monitored by the NSERC regional offices. Grantees must provide an activity report to their relevant NSERC regional office no later than one month past the end of the grant. The report must detail the outcome of the contacts established with companies, any plan for future collaboration, and the actual expenditures incurred. Failure to submit reports will make a grantee ineligible to make future applications to either the Interaction or Engage Grants Programs.


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