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  1. NSERC - Program News
    ... Government of Canada supports university-industry collaborations to prepare
    science and engineering graduates for jobs May 20, 2015. ...
    URL: - 25k
  2. NSERC - Program News Details
    ... Government of Canada announces a $21.4 million investment in innovative research
    projects that prepare science and engineering graduates for jobs. ...
    URL: - 21k
  3. Making Offshore Oil Drilling Safer and Stronger
    ... environment healthier. Canada’s significant offshore oil and gas resources
    are a source of jobs, growth and energy vital to the economy. ...
    URL:;category=0&amp;year=2013&amp;story=13107 - 7k
  4. NSERC - Program News Details
    ... The hard work of these researchers also helps new generations of students master
    the advanced skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow. ...
    URL: - 24k
  5. NSERC - Synergy Awards for Innovation - Rung Tien Bui
    ... Tinto Alcan—a major global aluminum supplier—is ensuring Canada’s continued leadership
    in aluminum smelting—a major contributor of jobs and economic ...
    URL: - 17k
    ... Through the transfer of new knowledge and sharing of expertise, these partnerships
    help commercialize new ideas, create jobs, and provide hands-on learning ...
    URL: - 2015-04-01
  7. NSERC - Chairholder Profile
    ... as stereotypes, lack of self-confidence, misgivings about the competitive aspects
    of science and engineering, and lack of knowledge about the jobs available in ...
    URL: - 20k
  8. NSERC - News Release
    ... New grants and scholarships will drive scientific discovery; create jobs and
    prosperity for Canadians. June 26, 2014 – London, Ontario. ...
    URL: - 22k
  9. NSERC - News Release
    ... “Our government remains committed to supporting partnerships that will create
    jobs and strengthen Canada’s long-term prosperity.”. ...
    URL: - 20k
  10. [PDF] Annual Report
    ... our government is determined to keep Canada strong and prosperous by creating the
    right conditions for businesses to invest in innovation, create jobs and grow ...
    URL: - 2013-03-28
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