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  1. NSERC - News Release
    ... New research networks led by McMaster University and University of Toronto
    will create jobs, improve quality of life of Canadians. ...
    URL: - 21k
  2. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... am pleased to report progress made on making Canada a world-leading centre for
    innovation and science, helping create good, well-paying jobs, and strengthening ...
    URL: - 2017-11-09
  3. NSERC - Case Studies
    ... Canada’s significant offshore oil and gas resources are a source of jobs, growth
    and energy vital to the economy. Read more. Raising Healthier Fish. ...
    URL: - 36k
  4. NSERC - Program News Details
    ... these top natural scientists and engineers demonstrate how our investments in research
    help build a stronger, more prosperous country, create jobs and secure a ...
    URL: - 20k
  5. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... That means supporting the government’s commitment to develop an Innovation Agenda,
    which will in turn create good-paying jobs for the middle class, drive ...
    URL: - 2016-11-23
  6. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... Canada’s Innovation Agenda—a whole-of-government initiative to position Canada as
    a global centre for innovation, create better jobs and opportunities for ...
    URL: - 2017-03-09
  7. NSERC - Research News Details
    ... world experience in applied research as the reason they graduate as highly-competitive
    job candidates, and often secure high-quality jobs immediately after ...
    URL: - 18k
  8. NSERC - News Release
    ... physics, mathematics, and Earth sciences. "Our Government's top priority
    is jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. To remain at the ...
    URL: - 23k
  9. NSERC - ARCHIVED – Update on Strengthening Integrity in Research ...
    ... to mobilize science and technology to Canada’s advantage, ensure high quality research
    and training, stimulate the economy, generate new jobs and improve the ...
    URL: - 37k
  10. NSERC - Science, action!
    NSERC - Science, action!
    URL: - 20k
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