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  1. NSERC - Case Studies
    ... Canada’s significant offshore oil and gas resources are a source of jobs, growth
    and energy vital to the economy. Read more. Raising Healthier Fish. ...
    URL: - 36k
  2. NSERC - ARCHIVED – Update on Strengthening Integrity in Research ...
    ... to mobilize science and technology to Canada’s advantage, ensure high quality research
    and training, stimulate the economy, generate new jobs and improve the ...
    URL: - 37k
  3. NSERC - 2 Minutes With Chris Eliasmith
    ... build and we don’t want to build, and other sorts of sociological questions about
    what happens if those machines start taking over a lot of the jobs that we ...
    URL: - 21k
  4. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ...
    ... Excellence program, which creates links between innovative businesses and
    Canada’s best researchers, helping to create and sustain knowledge-based jobs; and ...
    URL: - 2015-02-26
  5. Our Organization
    Our Organization.
    URL: - 24k
  6. NSERC - Chairholder Profile
    ... playing field for manufacturing of composites from low labour-cost countries and
    high labour-cost countries, thus helping to keep manufacturing jobs in Canada. ...
    URL: - 19k
  7. NSERC - Chairholder Profile
    ... of codes will take the industry to the next technological phase and will require
    highly qualified personnel that will bring more "high-tech" jobs to the mining ...
    URL: - 18k
  8. NSERC - Science, action! - How do I win?
    NSERC - Science, action! - How do I win?
    URL: - 28k
  9. NSERC - Chairholder Profile
    ... increase strawberry and cranberry productivity. It will also create jobs
    within the company that funds the Chair. Lastly, as a result ...
    URL: - 18k
  10. NSERC - Chairholder Profile
    ... an economic restructuring and are increasingly focussing on the development of
    biotechnology SMEs in order to create and bring together high-level jobs and to ...
    URL: - 18k
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