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  1. [PDF] [Report Title]
    ... the evaluation found that the IE Grant changed the nature and intensity of
    relationships colleges typically had with SMEs prior to the funding in terms of ...
    URL: - 2013-07-04
  2. [PDF] 1 Managementís Response to the PDF Evaluation Introduction
    ... a study to assess the number of students and fellows with PGS/CGS and PDF funding
    who are ... 3 : Consider moving up the time-frame of decisions to accommodate ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  3. [PDF] Evaluation of NSERCís Postdoctoral Fellowships (PDF)
    ... program is seen to occupy an important niche in postdoctoral funding in Canada ... NSERC
    services is high, although the timing of NSERC decisions and notification ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
    ... Awards (USRA) program was established in 1980 to provide funding to undergraduate ...
    of program outcomes relies on the activities and decisions of awardees ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  5. [PDF] Evaluation of NSERCís Industrial R&D Fellowships (IRDF)
    ... research focus of the candidate is the key factor in their hiring decisions. ... Survey
    respondents indicate that had IRDF funding not been available, the majority ...
    URL: - 2013-05-06
  6. [PDF] Tri-Council Harmonization of the Canada Graduate Scholarships: A ...
    ... co- deliver many of their scholarships and fellowships funding opportunities in ... specific
    review panels, and consolidate recruitment and award decisions at the ...
    URL: - 2013-04-24
  7. [PDF] Annual Report
    ... committees. Funding decisions are made by the President or designate on the
    basis of recommendations made by peer review committees. The ...
    URL: - 2013-03-28
  8. [PDF] Audit of Discovery Grants Program
    ... of NSERCís granting process, capture grant applications, manage the peer review
    process, record final award decisions and manage the funding of successful ...
    URL: - 2013-03-04
  9. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ...
    ... fellows in their advanced studies, promoting discovery by funding the research ... of
    prior federal budget announcements and Treasury Board decisions that impact ...
    URL: - 2013-02-28
  10. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ...
    ... the result of previous federal budget announcements and Parliament decisions that
    impact ... plan authorities due to the augmentation of certain funding, and an ...
    URL: - 2012-11-28
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