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  1. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... our government introduced Canada’s Economic Action Plan in 2009 to respond to the
    global recession, Canada has recovered not only all of the jobs lost during ...
    URL: - 2012-11-08
  2. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... clear vision for Canada. We remain focused on creating jobs and economic
    growth in all regions of Canada. We remain committed to ...
    URL: - 2012-11-08
  3. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
    ... across the country will help create new jobs, spur economic growth and
    ensure Canada’s long-term prosperity. As we move forward ...
    URL: - 2012-11-08
  4. [PDF] Grants Tips Video
    ... Do they have good jobs? That’s an indication that they have been well trained and
    that the researcher also helps them with their future careers. ...
    URL: - 2012-07-05
    ... Six in ten HQP (61%) reported that they were offered jobs or contracts as a result
    of the Strategic project, and almost all partners (90%) who had employed ...
    URL: - 2012-06-08
  6. [PDF] Tri-agency Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee ...
    ... The jobs of the future will be driven by talented, skilled and creative people who
    will commercialize innovative ideas and ensure long-term economic growth and ...
    URL: - 2010-12-09
    ... and 3) to contribute to the capacity of industry to use academic research to improve
    the competitiveness and productivity of Canada and create jobs. Page 11. ...
    URL: - 2010-10-25
  8. [PDF] Table of Contents
    ... For example, whereas IPS recipients are less likely to work in academic jobs or
    publish papers (and there may be less emphasis from supervisors to do so ...
    URL: - 2010-10-25
  9. [PDF] Canada at the Leading Edge: Common Vision, Concerted Plan
    ... to mobilize science and technology to Canada’s advantage, ensure high quality education
    and research, stimulate the economy, generate new jobs, and improve ...
    URL: - 2009-11-19
  10. [PDF] CCIPP M - R FR
    ... the College and Community Innovation Program will, in the long term, increase the
    economic development of the community and create new quality jobs based on ...
    URL: - 2009-10-02
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