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  1. World of Discoveries
    ... NSERC-funded chemists have discovered the basis for this kind of glass, and are
    working with industry partners to bring it to market. next previous.
    URL: - 12k
  2. NSERC - Research News Details
    ... Chemists develop method to help tackle opioid crisis. ... The work was funded by an Idea
    to Innovation Grant and involved collaboration with Seroclinix Corporation ...
    URL: - 20k
  3. NSERC - Impact Story - Long-life Lithium
    ... July 22, 2009 An NSERC -funded lab at the University of Waterloo has ... The prospect
    of lithium-sulphur batteries has tantalized chemists for two decades, and ...
    URL: - 19k
  4. NSERC - Latest News
    ... Chemists develop method to help tackle opioid crisis November 20, 2017 Research ... Improved
    access to paid parental leave for grant-funded students and fellows ...
    URL: - 38k
  5. NSERC - Impact Story - Molecular Movies
    ... atoms move in real time during a biological process," the NSERC-funded University
    of ... of Science magazine and realized a dream long held by chemists to observe ...
    URL: - 19k
  6. [PDF] The Environment at NSERC
    ... Profiles of NSERC-funded researchers were picked up internationally (Italy, India ...
    the development of time-of-flight mass spectroscopy; chemists Harry Duckworth ...
    URL: - 2009-01-15