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  1. NSERC - Online Services - Instructions
    ... the grant. Indicate the start and end dates for the activities leading
    to the milestones, as well as the major results expected. ...
    URL: - 84k
  2. [PDF] RebuildingCanada ’ sRoleinNorthernResear ch
    ... Canadians. Canada must contribute to the pool of knowledge about the North
    to be able to capitalize on international research results. ...
    URL: - 2009-01-15
  3. [PDF] f rfA
    ... in recent years. Research misconduct refers to such matters as plagiarism
    or falsification of research results. Access to Information ...
    URL: - 2014-06-13
  4. [PDF] How to prepare a
    ... applications and external reviewer reports are received Announcement of results
    Grants competition 2 Page 3. Notification of Intent to Apply (NOI) Overview ...
    URL: - 2017-07-12
  5. [PDF] Strengthening Research Excellence
    ... excellence (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) • Extrapolation of the results
    to the population as a whole, when they actually only apply to a portion ...
    URL: - 2017-10-27
  6. Cleaning Up Without Digging Down
    ... remediation technology. This technology uses organic materials such as fungi
    to achieve optimal results without excavation. Ultimately ...
    URL:;category=0&amp;year=2013&amp;story=13063 - 6k
  7. Advanced Robots Help Build Better Aircraft
    ... The results of their research are already being applied to give the Canadian
    aerospace sector an edge over its global competitors. ...
    URL:;category=6&amp;year=2013&amp;story=13006 - 7k
  8. [PDF] Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)
    ... what is shown in the section III of the RPP due to items included in the Supplementary
    Estimates A 2009-10 (principally Strategic Review results) which were ...
    URL: - 2009-07-15
  9. CRSNG - Plan ministériel 2017-2018
    ... cadre ministériel des résultats (Departmental Results Framework) Responsabilités
    essentielles d’un ministère ainsi que les résultats ministériels et ...
    URL: - 101k
  10. [PDF] Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du ...
    Page 1. Conseil de recherches en sciences naturelles et en génie du Canada
    2017–2018 Plan ministériel L’honorable Kirsty Duncan ...
    URL: - 2017-03-09
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