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Ontario Centres of Excellence Industrial R&D Fellowships Supplement

Note: This supplement is no longer available.

NSERC Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF) applicants from Ontario are encouraged to apply for additional support through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

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Application Deadline May 31, 2012 
Application Forms
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence Eligibility Form
  • Form 183B – Application (new or renewal) for Eligibility of Organizations to Participate in NSERC’s Industrial R&D Fellowships Program, Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program and Experience Awards
  • Form 183C – Nomination for an Industrial R&D Fellowship
  • Form 200 – Application for an Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship, an Industrial R&D Fellowship or a Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories

To request an Ontario Centres of Excellence Eligibility Form, contact your OCE Business Development Manager.

To create or access an application, select On-line System Login. To view forms and instructions, select PDF Forms and Instructions.
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What is the purpose of the supplement?

Recognizing the need to invest in the development of highly qualified people, the OCE is building on existing NSERC programs to enable small and medium-sized companies to enhance their research and development (R&D) capacity. Through IRDF, the OCE has developed a partnership with NSERC to enable its industrial research collaborators to hire recent PhD graduates in support of R&D—a key driver behind innovation and the commercialization of new products, services and processes.

Are you eligible to hold a supplement?

Applicants from Ontario, and their host organizations, who are eligible for an NSERC IRDF may also be eligible for additional support from the OCE. Preference for the additional OCE support will be given to applicants who have worked on an OCE-funded research project.

NSERC does not support clinical and health research. Research activities proposed for the IRDF must contribute to furthering the knowledge in the natural sciences or engineering. More information is available on the This link will take you to another Web site Web site.

To hold this supplement, you must:
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  • have worked on an OCE-funded research project during your academic program;
  • hold a doctoral degree in a discipline of science or engineering that NSERC supports; or expect to have completed all the requirements for such a degree, including your thesis defense, by the proposed date of appointment;
  • be within five years after obtaining your latest post-secondary credential;
  • have technical/scientific expertise, relevant to the position; and
  • agree to fulfil NSERC-OCE reporting requirements, if the award is granted.

The host organization must:

  • have invested in an OCE-funded research project with an academic institution;
  • have a significant presence in Ontario;
  • have an emphasis on technology and research;
  • be a Canadian private-sector organization with Canadian-based research facilities eligible to host an IRDF (IRDFs may not be held outside Canada; for further information, see the Guidelines for Organizations Participating in NSERC Industrial Training Programs);
  • provide the industry cash contribution;
  • be able to demonstrate that it has the managerial and financial resources to provide stable employment for the intern and to make effective use of his or her technical skills;
  • have identified a PhD candidate who will fill a significant research role within the organization;
  • be able to demonstrate its intent to make good use of the intern’s skills;
  • be able to show that the commercial impacts of the funding will provide growth for the organization and benefit to Ontario;
  • demonstrate an intent to mentor and develop the candidate professionally; and
  • agree to fulfil NSERC-OCE requirements, if the award is granted.  

What kind of support does this supplement provide?

Supplemental support from the OCE provides direct salary support to high-calibre doctoral graduates taking up industrial postdoctoral fellowship positions.

The number of fellowships available under the OCE IRDF Supplement is limited.

Value of supplement

Through the NSERC-OCE partnership, a Fellow is eligible for a maximum salary of $75,000 per year for a two-year period. The organization will be responsible to submit invoices three times per year to NSERC and OCE (if applicable) for their contribution to the salary of the intern.

The following illustrates the program funding model:

  • NSERC: $30,000
  • OCE: $20,000
  • Industry: $25,000

How do you apply?

Applicants must first contact their OCE Business Development Manager who will provide an Ontario Centres of Excellence Eligibility Form. This form is submitted as part of the total NSERC IRDF application package (Forms 200 and 183C). Supplement review and approval is independent of NSERC and subject to the OCE’s internal process. All OCE IRDF Supplement applicants must attach a signed letter to their NSERC application package that provides NSERC with permission to share their application, all related documentation, and evaluation results with the OCE.

Note: If OCE supplemental funding is rejected, the application may still receive IRDF funding from NSERC.

The host organization must have completed a Form 183B. Refer to the Guidelines for Organizations Participating in NSERC Industrial Training Programs.

Review procedures and notification of decision

In parallel with NSERC’s peer review of the application, the OCE will conduct its independent review of the application for supplemental funding. Final decisions on complete submissions will be communicated to the applicant and host organization in July 2012.


If jointly approved, both organizations will make independent arrangements to communicate their commitment to the host organization and applicant in support of the IRDF award and OCE supplement.

For additional information, contact:

Roxy Hamilton
Program Development Manager
Funders and Programs
Ontario Centres of Excellence
Tel.: 613-726-3420, ext. 4223; or 866-759-6014, ext. 4223