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Tips for companies: How do I find a potential candidate for the Industrial R&D Fellowships?

  • Consult our Inventory of Pre-approved IRDF Candidates. Any candidates that you nominate from this inventory are automatically eligible for an Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF), but the reviewers will still have to evaluate your specific project. Please note that individuals who have received a NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship in the last five years but have not been employed in Canadian industry during this period are also pre-approved candidates, although their names do not appear in this inventory. To receive an IRDF, an individual must meet all the eligibility criteria noted in the Program Guide for Students and Fellows at the time of nomination, even if they are pre-approved.
  • Advertise in daily newspapers or scientific journals; use the route that you normally follow in hiring regular employees. You may specify in your advertisement that applicants must be eligible for an NSERC Industrial R&D Fellowship.
  • Consult the This link will take you to another Web site database which contains résumés of recent graduates. You may also post your position there.
  • Consider nominating former employees, such as co-op students, or students your company may have supported through the NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program.
  • Contact university researchers with which your company has collaborated in the past. They may be able to recommend a doctoral student who will graduate in the near future, or a postdoctoral fellow who is looking for new opportunities.
  • Contact the Chair of relevant departments or Deans of Graduate Studies of universities that you know to be working in your field of research for recommendations of students or postdoctoral fellows with the expertise that you need. They may also be willing to post your position within the university.
  • Use NSERC’s Awards Search Engine to find university researchers working in relevant areas of research. The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) also has a similar This link will take you to another Web site search tool. The grantee(s) involved in the project(s) may be able to recommend potential candidates and may even be interested in collaborating with your company in the future.
  • Check the Web site of professional associations to which you or your company belong. Many professional associations provide employment services or opportunities to post positions and résumés.
  • Check This link will take you to another Web site The Alliance of Sector Councils' Web site. A number of Sector Councils have established job banks to permit the matching of job seekers with employers.
  • Use an on-line employment service such as This link will take you to another Web site Monster.