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Radiometric and photometric equipment

Research Details
Competition Year: 2010 Fiscal Year: 2010-2011
Project Lead Name: Tokar, Natalee Institution: Niagara College Canada
Department: Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus Province: Ontario
Award Amount: $140,959 Installment: 1 - 1
Program: Applied Research Tools and Instruments Grants Selection Committee: Applied Research Tools and Instrument Grants
Research Subject: Photonics Area of Application: Construction, urban and rural planning
Co-Researchers: Blake, Roy
Matheson, Michael
McGlashan, Alexander
Partners: No Partners
Award Summary

As a result of the continual shift within the lighting industry from the use of traditional lighting materials and techniques towards the use of semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) based sources, lighting manufacturers and their complementary industries are currently facing a very severe recruitment challenge. Ensuring that workers are properly trained and proficient with this highly developed technology is an important issue that needs direct attention. There is a very high demand for professionals with an understanding of semiconductor light sources who possess the skills to perform radiometric and photometric standards of testing that are unique to these sources. As the only institution in Canada providing training for photonics engineering technicians and technologists, Niagara College is uniquely positioned to fill this void. Niagara College's photonics graduates already have a strong background in laser, vacuum and fibre optic technologies. By adding a
radiometric and photometric measuring equipment suite to our existing facilities, we will be able to train our students to advance, foster and lead the next stages of lighting technology innovation. In addition to expressing their strong support for Niagara College to increase its capacity within this area, local companies and industry leaders have also indicated a willingness to further strengthen their relationship with the program through collaboration on applied research projects that would be generated through access to this equipment suite. With this equipment, Niagara College will be able to make a commitment to grow and promote the development of energy efficient and environmentally sustainable light technologies within Ontario and throughout Canada.