Security Statement

NSERC’s On-line System is a federal government information system. It is intended for use only by individuals participating in the preparation of applications for NSERC funding and those participating in the peer review of applications. System activity is monitored and unauthorized users risk prosecution.

All information that you enter in this electronic forms system will be protected in accordance with federal laws and policies. The system will be password-protected and accessible only to you. Your data will be transmitted to NSERC in an encrypted file format and stored in a database on a secure server at NSERC’s  national office. This system will enable you to prepare, update and print your form(s) on a local printer and submit it electronically to NSERC, or to your institution’s authorities for approval and subsequent submission to NSERC, as appropriate. Once approved and submitted to NSERC, your data will be used as described in the Use and Disclosure of Personal Information Provided to NSERC.

Retention periods:

Scholarships and fellowships programs

Grants programs

Personal biographical data

Application data

Review of grant applications

Reviewers: Data related to the substance of your review is used to enable you to prepare, revise and print reviews on your local printer, and to electronically send a final completed version to NSERC. Two weeks after your review is completed and electronically sent to NSERC, the data is no longer accessible to you. Data left in the system related to either complete or incomplete files, or files not sent, will be deleted after a period of 18 months.