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Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests –
May 2012

Request number Summary of request Disposition Number of pages
ATI 2012-001 Summative evaluation of the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research Program, including any draft or interim version if final version not yet complete. Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0
ATI 2012-003 All records showing repayment to NSERC (Crown) by staff for use of wireless devices (cell/Blackberry/iPhone etc) for personal use in the last fiscal year (2011-12). No records exist 0
ATI 2012-006 A list of THS services used in the last fiscal year (2011-12) including the name of hiring manager who initiated the contract, supplier name, contract value or hourly rate, length of contract (days, weeks, months) and classification (AS, PM, etc). Disclosed entirely 42
ATI 2012-007 Copies of any reports or correspondence regarding the nature and outcomes of investigations regarding research misconduct, as reported to NSERC by McGill University between January 2010 and April 2012, including copies of any decisions or correspondence related to actions subsequently taken by NSERC in response to the reports or communications. Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0