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Completed Access to Information Requests –
November 2016

Request Number Summary of Request Disposition Number of
Pages Disclosed
A-2015-00011 I request copies of documents at (CECR), related to their funded Centre called This link will take you to another Web site Advanced Applied Physics Solutions (AAPS: 2008-2015): I request copies of all Annual Reports from AAPS.  Submission of these reports to CECR is required by the program rules,
as described in the This link will take you to another Web site CECR Program Guide:
Partial disclosure 428
A-2016-00007 “Please provide all Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) and Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Supply Arrangements contracts and Standing Offer (SO) call ups issued in the National Capital Region for the January, February and March 2016. Please provide copies of contracts and call ups. Partial disclosure 88
A-2016-00008 From January 2015 to the present, all documents concerning the CRC program presented to any member of the CRC steering committee. No Additional Records found* 0

*The same request was submitted to SSHRC and SSHRC will respond as the lead for the CRC Program.

Please note that the file number associated with requests does not necessarily reflect the number of formal requests received.