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Are You Eligible?

NSERC offers a number of programs, grants, and fellowships to support research activities that depend upon partnerships among the academic, private and public sectors. Eligibility is often case specific, however several guidelines are available.

General Guidelines

For individual projects, and for network grants: Generally an industry partner can be a single firm, an association or a producer group, a formal or an informal consortium, a provincial utility, or a grouping of these. A government partner might be an agency at the federal, provincial or municipal level.

Further guidance for company participation can be found in the Guidelines for Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships and the specific program or grant descriptions. We invite you to contact your regional office or NSERC Ottawa at to discuss your particular case.

For NSERC's industrial scholarships and fellowships: consult the Eligibility Criteria for Organizations page. We invite you to contact us at should you wish to discuss your particular case.

Contact us at 1-877-767-1767