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Government Partners

Universities and colleges represent the largest pool of R&D activity in Canada and the source of future government researchers. Many government departments have Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with NSERC to support university and college research.

NSERC seeks opportunities to work collaboratively with other government agencies to invest in research at Canadian universities and colleges. Government agencies working with NSERC may jointly sponsor research and development in priority areas supporting:

  • policy development;
  • economic development;
  • international collaboration; and
  • increased capacity and reach of government laboratories.


Many Canadian government agencies benefit from NSERC's Partnership options, such as Strategic Project Grants (SPG), Strategic Network Grants (SNG), and Visiting Fellowships (VF). Join this group to support innovation and economic growth in Canada.

Government bodies are welcome to co-fund research and for a more comprehensive list of opportunities, see What we do.

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