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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

NSERC's Intellectual Property (IP) Policy allows for flexible access to IP developed with the support of NSERC funding, while at the same time ensuring that the rights of all participants in the project are protected.

Policy highlights

  • A guiding principle of the policy is that every effort must be made to capitalize on the results of NSERC-funded research for the benefit of Canadians.
  • The results of the research must be publishable by the researcher or student. Researchers must agree to honour the confidentiality of a partner's proprietary data, commercially sensitive information and potentially valuable results or ideas.
  • Businesses that are considering a partnership are advised to consult with the technology transfer or industry liaison office of the relevant university or college at the outset of developing such collaborations.
  • NSERC claims no rights of ownership to IP associated with the results of a partnership that it supports.
  • NSERC has developed sample clauses that conform to NSERC's IP policy and that can be used as possible starting points in discussions between partners.


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