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"The NSERC program is quite unique... Many technologies in Canada die because of a lack of such federal funding. The I2I program addresses that gap."
Dr. Walied Moussa, University of Alberta

How Does It Work?

Are you a small business considering partnering with college or university researchers? We have some tips to get you started.

The Right People

Partnering with post-secondary researchers begins by connecting with the right people—getting to know scientists and engineers with the right mix of expertise to solve your problems. Our regional offices have funds and expertise to help you connect with the right expertise.

To find a researcher with relevant expertise you can also:

  • Explore NSERC's Awards Search Engine and This link will take you to another Web site Chairholders Database using a range of search parameters, including key words, areas of application, research subjects and institutions in your vicinity.
  • Contact the University-Industry Liaison Office, Technology Transfer Office, or its equivalent, at a post-secondary institution near you. This link will take you to another Web site Universities Canada offers a helpful starting place.
  • Search the internet for researchers with the expertise and experience you need (most researchers have their own web pages).

The Right Program

NSERC offers a suite of programs that fund researchers to work on the problems that matter to your business. Projects can range from three months to several years, and involve either in-kind or financial support from your business. Our at-a-glance program list offers the most popular options.

Take the First Step - Contact Us

NSERC regional office staff can work with you to provide advice, explain our offerings, and identify a researcher that may be most suited to your business.

Contact the office in your area—AtlanticQuebec, Ontario, Prairies and Pacific.

You can reach NSERC headquarters at 1-855-275-2861, and we will point you in the right direction.

Contact us at 1-877-767-1767