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Abedi, Jalal
University of Calgary
Heavy oil recovery, phase behavior, solvent solubility in bitumen, viscosity and density determination, transport mechanisms, equation of state (EOS), custom-made PVT cells, solvent enhanced SAGD, transport in porous media, mathematical modeling and numerical simulation
Aguilera, Roberto
University of Calgary
Tight gas, pressure transient analysis, discrete fracture networks, reservoir simulation, fracture propagation, fracture placement, petrophysics, production analogues, coupled geomechanic models, well response analysis
Ajji, Abdellah
École Polytechnique de Montréal
multilayer film, nanocomposite, barrier property, packaging, anti-bacterial, oxygen uptake, electrospinning and nanofibre, gas and pathogen detection, sealability and seal testing, packaging structure and properties
Al-Hussein, Mohamed
University of Alberta
lean construction, modular construction, cost engineering and control, project planning and scheduling, construction equipment management, information technology, 3D-solid modelling, project information integration, database management system, productivity measurement and standards
Altintas, Yusuf
The University of British Columbia
Virtual, machining, CAM, machine tools, CNC, milling, high performance, chatter, turning, drilling
Aminah Robinson, Fayek
University of Alberta
construction management, construction performance, construction labour productivity, construction workforce, decision-support systems, project management, subjective knowledge, fuzzy logic, fuzzy simulation, fuzzy hybrid systems
Anderson, Gary
University of Manitoba
lake sturgeon, development, environment, phenotype, genotype, conservation, aquaculture, population
Andrews, Robert
University of Toronto
drinking water, ultraviolet, biofiltration, mussels, activated carbon, advanced oxidation, membranes, fluorescence, EEM, byproducts
Anis, Hanan
University of Ottawa
design engineering, entrepreneurship, innovation, multidisciplinary
Anjos, Miguel
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Electricity, Smart grid, Optimization, Electric power system, Demand-response, Electricity transmission system, Optimal power flow, Conic optimization, Phase balancing, Maintenance
Aspuru-Guzik, Alán
University of Toronto
quantum computing, quantum algorithms, quantum chemistry, NISQ, error mitigation, quantum circuit optimization, condensed matter theory, democratization, open source, electronic structure
Athienitis, Andreas
Concordia University
Optimized building operation, Energy efficiency, Retrofits, Predictive control, Building-integrated solar systems
Atkinson, Kirk
Ontario Tech University
nuclear engineering, applied radiation physics, health physics, environmental impact assessment, multiphysics modelling, computational methods, development, radiation emergency planning, radiation imaging non-destructive examination, small modular reactors
Aubertin, Patrice
National Circus School
circus arts, research/creation, teaching, writing and scriptwriting, innovation, enhancement of immersive and interactive technologies
Aubin, Carl-Éric
École Polytechnique de Montréal
biomechanics, biomechanical modelling, spine, surgical instrumentation, medical devices, finite element modelling, scoliosis, minimally invasive surgery, CAD/CAM
Aziz, Hany
University of Waterloo
mechanically flexible flat panel displays, organic electronic and optoelectronic materials and devices, 0rganic light emitting devices, OLEDs, photoactive materials, solution-based semiconductors, thin film fabrication technology
Page 1 / 1 (16 results)



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