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Bébin, Philippe
Cégep de Thetford
Hybrid materials, nanocomposites and nanomaterials, industrial implementation, heterogeneous polymerization, thermoplastics and elastomers, nanocrystalline cellulose, silica, surfaces and interfaces, functionalization
Bélanger, Réjean L.
École de technologie supérieure
Railway operations, reliability of mining trains and rail infrastructure, ore transport, predictive maintenance, sensors and detectors, real-time information on railway equipment, telemetry, modelling and simulation, failure model, data processing
Babadagli, Tayfun
University of Alberta
in-situ recovery of heavy oil, oil sands, carbonate bitumen, steam and solvent injection, carbon dioxide for heavy oil recovery and storage, microfluidics-pore scale models, 3–D visualization of processes, nano and ferromagnetic materials, non-classical transport properties, oil recovery efficiency improvement
Bagheri, Ebrahim
Ryerson University
social media, social networks, semantic technologies, natural language processing electronic commerce, information retrieval, web mining, microblog analytics, user generated content, personalization, customization social recommender applications
Barbeau, Benoît
École Polytechnique de Montréal
drinking water, treatment, adsorption, hybrid membrane-based technologies, process control, oils, emerging contaminants of interest
Barbour, Lee S.
University of Saskatchewan
oil sands, mining, groundwater, reclamation, hydrogeology, recharge, isotope, tracer, monitoring, modelling
Barkanova, Svetlana
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Barkema, Herman
University of Calgary
Cattle, dairy, infectious disease, control programs, mastitis, Johne's disease, epidemiology, coagulase-negative staphylococci, Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis, transmission
Bayat, Alireza
University of Alberta
Trenchless Technology, Underground Construction, Utilities, Construction Engineering, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Microtrenching, Pipeline Installation, Fibre to the home
Bazinet, Laurent
Université Laval
electromembrane processes, electrodialysis, fruit juices, proteins, bioactive peptides, organic acids, deacidification, ecoefficiency, optimization, scaling up
Beaudoin, Georges
Université Laval
mineral resources, mineral exploration, gold deposits, seams, faults, glacial sediments, indicator minerals, mineral chemistry, trace elements, portable equipment.
Beaulieu, Luc
Université Laval
Medical physics, biomedical engineering, radiation therapy, brachytherapy, cancer, Monte Carlo method, numerical optimization, image-guided therapy, dosimeter
Bedi, Sanjeev
University of Waterloo
Immersive Design Engineering, Design Analytics, Hands-on, Real world problem solving, Open-ended projects, Multidisciplinary, Integrative, Innovative and Entrepreneurial
Behdinan, Kamran
University of Toronto
Multidisciplinary Engineering Design, Design Spine, Design and Innovation Hub
Behjat, Laleh
University of Calgary
Change Leadership, Empowerment, Network, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Experiential Learning, Innovation, Disruptive Technologies, Sustainability
Benmokrane, Brahim
Université de Sherbrooke
Construction technology; structural behaviour; materials behaviour; reinforced concrete structures; rebars; fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP); FRP-reinforced concrete bridge decks; monitoring of innovative structures; carbon and/or hybrid fibres; composite; ageing; durability; load/environment effects; glass fibres; resins
Bergeron, Yves
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Sustainable forest management, boreal forest, biodiversity, forest productivity, silvicultural treatments, silviculture, ligniculture, natural disturbances, forest ecosystem resilience, technology transfer
Berruti, Franco
Western University
Waste-to-resources, circular economy, thermochemical conversion, pyrolysis, biomass, organic residues, waste, mixed plastics, bioindustrial products
Betz, Vaughn
University of Toronto
Integrated Circuits, Heterogeneous Data Centers, Compute Acceleration, Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Programmable Accelerators, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), FPGA Architecture, FPGA CAD, Dynamic Voltage Scaling, Embedded Network on Chip
Bibeau, Eric
University of Manitoba
Alternative energy, kinetic turbine, anaerobic digestion, bioenergy, distributed generation, wind turbine, icing, numerical modelling, greenhouse gases, renewable energy
Blanchet, Pierre
Université Laval
sustainable buildings, wood materials, integrated design, life cycle analysis, construction system, protection and sustainability, logistics, energy efficiency, ecodesign
Bois, Chloé
Collège Ahuntsic
advanced manufacturing processes, functional printing, printed electronics, smart packaging, smart tags, industrialization, formulation, printability, printed energy devices, prototyping
Brennan, Robert
University of Calgary
Engineering Design; Professional Skills; Project-based Learning; Interdisciplinary; Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
Brett, Michael
University of Alberta
Glancing angle deposition, porous thin films, nanotechnology, organic solar cells, sensors, chromatography, microfluidics
Briens, Cedric L.
Western University
Fluid Coking, oil sands, upgrading, liquid-solid contact, jet attrition, agglomerate stability, spray nozzles, fluidized bed, fluidization
Brisson, Jacques
Université de Montréal
phytotechnology, restoration, biodiversity, phytoremediation, ecology, plant ecophysiology, ecological services, powerline rights of way, wood pole preservatives, mixed contamination
Brousseau, Jean
Université du Québec à Rimouski
Design engineering, product and process development, robust and sustainable design, development cycle, best design practices, mechatronic design, “Design for X,” modern modelling and simulation tools, CAD/CAM, innovations in design education
Burn, Christopher
Carleton University
Permafrost, climate change, northern development, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Mackenzie Delta, terrain hazards, frost heave, thermokarst, forest fires
Bussière, Bruno
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
mine site reclamation, acid mine drainage (AMD), engineered covers, waste rock, tailings, physical modelling, numerical modelling, field tests, technology transfer, social impact
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