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Côté, Steeve
Université Laval
plant-herbivore interactions, integrated management, sustainable development, sustainable forestry, boreal forest, forest regeneration, wildlife habitats, Anticosti, Odocoileus virginianus, Abies balsamea
Cai, Jun
University of Manitoba
Wireless communication networks, radio resource management, resource allocation, mobility management, performance analysis, quality of service, WiMAX, handoff
Caron, Jean
Université Laval
Conservation, restoration, organic soils, market gardening production, biomass, soil physics, drainage
Carpendale, Sheelagh
University of Calgary
Interactive Technologies, Human Computer Interaction, Information Visualization, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Ubiquitous Computing, Tangible Computing, Digital walls and tables,
Chahine, Richard
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
hydrogen transport, purification, storage and distribution; pure and multicomponent gas adsorption, pressure swing adsorption; nanoporous adsorbents; CO2sequestration; adsorption; metal organic frameworks
Chaouki, Jamal
École Polytechnique de Montréal
technology, hydrodynamics, models, emulsification, viscosity, rheology, elasticity, multi-phase systems, concentrated emulsions, Pickering
Charette, Paul
Université de Sherbrooke
microsystems, microfabrication, thin films, integrated photonics, spectroscopic imaging, sensors, thermal imaging, microbolometers, quantum photonics
Chen, Baoling
Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology
Affordable biomaterials, natural health products, advanced manufacturing, product quality control, environmental sustainability, research and development, biotechnology, technology transfer, process optimization, natural sciences.
Chen, Grant
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Aluminium metallurgy, materials engineering, microstructure evolution, semi-solid forming, metal matrix composites, casting, forging and extrusion, friction stir welding, mechanical and material properties, mathematical modelling
Chen, Zhangxing (John)
University of Calgary
Petroleum engineering, enhanced oil recovery, reservoir modeling and simulation, processes modeling, numerical solvers and algorithms, field optimization, history matching, risk analysis, parallel computing, and numerical analysis.
Chi Yung, Chung
University of Saskatchewan
Smart grid, Renewable energy, Wind power, Power system planning and operation, Advanced power system optimization, Power system modelling, Power system stability and control, Reliability analysis, Demand side management, microgrid
Chouinard, Yvan
Université Laval
dairy cattle, rumen, biohydrogenation, mammary gland, milk fats, milk composition, fatty acids, milk flavour, oxidation, diagnosis
Chronik, Blaine Alexander
The University of Western Ontario
Magnetic resonance imaging; Neuroimaging; Electromagnetics; Design; Magnets; Medical devices; Diffusion imaging; Gradient coils; Safety; Fabrication
Chui, Ying-Hei
University of Alberta
Structural Timber Engineering; Engineered Wood Products; Structural Dynamics; Timber Connections; Timber-concrete Hybrid Structures; Timber-steel Hybrid Structures
Ciborowski, Jan
University of Calgary
bioassessment, biodiversity, community, disturbance, ecosystem, multivariate, productivity, reclamation, succession, wetland
Clark, Jeremy
Concordia University
Cryptography, security, finance, decentralization, blockchain, financial technology, Bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts
Clark, Shawn
University of Manitoba
River ice engineering, hydraulics, water resources engineering, hydroelectric generation, ice processes, ice jams, numerical modeling, field monitoring, experimental hydraulics
Corbin, Stephen
Dalhousie University
gas turbine engine, nickel-based superalloys, sustainable manufacturing, furnace brazing, thermal analysis, sintering, thermal diffusivity, differential scanning calorimetry, transient liquid phase processing, powder metallurgy
Costa Sousa, Mario
University of Calgary
scientific visualization, engineering visualization, reservoir geoscience and engineering, oil and gas exploration and production, interactive display surfaces for collaborative exploratory visualization, interactive reservoir modeling and visualization from uncertainty, interpretive visualization of fused reservoir geoscience and engineering data, interactive and intuitive post-processing of reservoir simulation results, exploratory visual analysis of multiple reservoir simulation runs, interactive computational steering in high-end reservoir flow simulators
Côté, Daniel
Université Laval
guidance, neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation, optics, fibre, spectroscopy, Raman, light
Côté, Jean
Université Laval
embankment dam, riprap, till core, monitoring, modeling, geostatistics, coupled analysis, seismic behaviour, thermal, hydric and mechanical properties, climate
Couturier, Michel
University of New Brunswick
design, university-industry collaboration, curriculum, mentors, project management, teamwork, clients
Cullen, John
Dalhousie University
Environmental monitoring, oceans, ocean colour, optical instruments, ocean observing systems, remote sensing, coastal processes, ultraviolet radiation, harmful algal blooms, fluorescence
Czekanski, Aleksander
York University
design engineering, innovation, university-industry collaboration, multidisciplinary, capstone design project, design pedagogy, assessment, engineering design spine, design across the curriculum, promotion
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